Inno64 R34 family upgrade : new GT-T and more GT-R

It’s a casting the brand is cherishing and that collectors like a lot. The world is full of Nissan GT-R in every scale but in the end, not so many variations has been made in correct 1/64. I mean Kyosho did a great job back in time with the GT-R R34 under the Nissan collection and the Original series and that was about it. Afterwards, when 1/64 mostly premium from Asia exploded, some brands tooled the R34 like Ignition Models but at sky rocket prices. I don’t you if you agree with me, but Inno64 R34 replica is very welcome for a 20-25$ diecast. It’s not less than 9 variations so far issued by the brand since last year and today I’m pleased to show for you 4 more new colors – bringing this casting at the number of 13 variations. Among those, let’s precise that Inno is introducing a different version of the R34 with the R34 GT-T, less known than the R34 GT-R.

The GT-T is supposed to be a rare R34 that was sold outside of Japan, precisely in Singapore and Hong Kong (1998-2000), which could be coherent because both cars were sold at Hong Kong Toy Car Salon 2022.

The first model is a drift model of Jason and Pluto Mok and seems to match the Shell collab the brand is handling (such as Tiny, which is on the base). I have strictly no connection with the world of drift and I’m not able to say much more about this version that is obviously far from being my favorite.

The second model is very much my cup of tea and is in a very appreciable baby blue color with white rims. Mmh, white rims. While I have no clue if this car really exists (but any car can exists nowadays with covering and customisations), I really appreciate it. On a packaging aspect, the baby blue cardboard is very attractive such as the white base and the very cool logo from the Hong Kong salon. Regarding the model itself, my guess is it is based on the Mok version above, because of the very low spoiler. The mold is a variant from the R34 GT-R with a total new front, a new front wheel arch such as a different rear bumper and exhaust system. This baby blue special edition is reminding me one of my all time favorites Inno, which is a Philippine special edition of the Honda Civic FD2 Mugen RR. Love this.

The next 3 GT-R R34 (a model we have already reviewed) is still full a variety. The brand is offering a plain GT-R R34 V-Spec II Nür, another recolor of the very sought after Nismo R-Tune and a special R-Tune tuned by Mine’s. What a lovely trio.

The Millennium Jade is probably my all time favorite color on a GT-R. It suits perfectly this car and I absolutely adore those 6 spokes dark grey wheels. What a car! Inno64’s replica is really good and it will cost you around 20$ -only! This is definitely my favorite R34 so far. I’m waiting for a bayside blue now.

The recolor of the R-Tune version in silver was very sought after by many collectors. I’ve also read some comments very true about the fact that this Inno64 version is around 4 times cheaper than an Ignition Model. True. You will not have the very good sculpts of a resin version but anyway, 100$ in a 1/64 model is crazy. This R-Tune is also a very very good replica, perfectly matching her little sisters. I would be happy to see now an Omori Factory.

Finally, a model that will bring back memories to Gran Turismo players with the legendary Nissan GT-R tuned by Mine’s. It’s a great return of a Mine’s in the collection after the very nice and pretty rare now Nissan GT-R R32. We obviously cannot wait for the already announced R33. The Mine’s version is sporting an unpainted black carbon hood and this particular stripping and Mine’s logo as it was handwriting. Please remark the blue steering wheel!

You can get all those nice R34 on eBay and I suggest you not to wait before prices grow up, specially on the Mine’s model.

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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  1. Actually, the GT-T was sold in Japan, just under a different name. There it was sold as the 25GT Turbo, and in export markets of Singapore, Hong Kong and later New Zealand (and I think maybe also the UK as a grey import), it was called the GT-T. While most people look down on the GT-T, I think it’s a great car as it offers around 70% of the GT-R’s performance for A LOT less money, and it’s good to see scale model brands giving it some attention after years and years of just GT-Rs and GT-Rs everywhere.

    The Liberty Walk R34 that Hot Wheels made earlier this year is also a GT-T but that one is so modified, the beauty of the stock GT-T is lost. This Inno64 looks much better (the blue one, not the drift car, though they’re the same casting) but it too is modified with what looks like a C-West bodykit. Looks great, no complains there, but I’d also like to see a good replica of a stock R34 GT-T done by one of the more accessible brands.

    That said, my favourite one in this entire article has to be the Millennium Jade GT-R. Looks so stunning! The colour looks perfect and so do the wheels, and I love that it’s 100% stock with no modifications. They nailed this one.

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