Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels AutoStrasse Volvo 142 GL

Model: Hot Wheels ’73 Hot Wheels Volvo 142 GL

Release: Car Culture 2022 AutoStrasse

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Why I’m featuring it: It’s been fun to watch Volvo models spread into the Hot Wheels range since the introduction of Ryu Asada’s BTCC-inspired 850 Estate in 2020. Next came the slammed P220 Amazon Estate by Mark Jones in Fast Wagons last year and this year’s wild 240 Drift Wagon from Fraser Campbell, with the Legends Tour-winning P1800 Gasser already arriving in case B of 2023.

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Now we get another premium release, a ’73 Volvo 142 GL in the latest Car Culture mix, AutoStrasse.

Designer Mark Jones kindly sent me one to share on the blog. As is often the case with Hot Wheels designers, there’s a personal story behind this one.

“When we moved to California in 1967, I was a mere lad of 11,” he laughs. “My family had one car, a 1967 Pontiac GTO. With the greater commuting distances, Dad also bought a Porsche 356 for better fuel mileage! Amazing to think that was only a $900 car at the time. Sadly, both the Porsche and the GTO were replaced by a Volvo 142!”

But this latest Premium release is far from a realistic replica of the Jones family transport. Like the Amazon, Mark has dropped the boxy sedan, as well as ditching the bumpers and adding oversized and chromed, 6sp Mag Real Riders.

“I envision this as an old SCCA B Sedan racer that I might have seen trundling down the Corkscrew in a foggy Monterey morning practice session,” he offers. “The A-pillars are a little thicker than I would have liked, but development won that fight!”

The real Volvo 142 was the two-door bodyshell in the 140-series (you’d hesitate to call it a coupe). It was introduced less than a year after the four-door 144, in the summer of 1967, and just over 400,000 were made until 1974.

1967 Volvo 142. Credit: Volvo Cars

Mark’s vision of the Volvo is exactly what you’d expect from Hot Wheels but a quick search shows that real-life 142 owners haven’t shied away from hot-rodding their rides, either.

Credit: StanceWorks / Greg Keysar

The paint scheme on the model (as usual, the work of Steve Vandervate) is terrific. The metallic turquoise really pops and the silver trim around the windows and the along the flanks contrasts nicely. There’s full treatment for the front grille and indicators while at the back, the Swedish country sticker and plate (73 HW 142) are cool touches. The single exhaust pipe cuts into the rear bodywork as part of the matt-black metal base. Don’t forget that there will also be an all-black Chase version of this car.

I don’t have the Amazon to show alongside it, but I’ve paired the 142 with a few other boxy Volvos from my collection: the recent Drift Wagon, the white 850 debut release and a much-loved Corgi Juniors Volvo 245DL from my childhood.

I hope today’s kids get as much fun out of the 142 as I did from that orange estate! Thanks again to Mark and Jimmy at Hot Wheels for letting me share it with you.

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2 Replies to “Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels AutoStrasse Volvo 142 GL”

  1. Mr. Jones did an excellent job with this model, as is customary. The proportions are well replicated and details are crisp. Unfortunately, I just can’t stand the wheel choice for this release. I understand the budget-built economy hot rod look they were going for here, but I really wish the smaller wheel size had been used, and with a different rim type as well. Perhaps on future outings for this model.

  2. I would like to see the actual car that was used to model it after. It has some model year issues. Not unknown when rebuilding a 140 series with used parts..

    There’s a ’74 lower front, -‘ 74 doors and gas cap.

    Exhaust to the right (have that on my car too).

    The rear side lights are, if done like this on purpose, the “74 onwards ones.. (slightly out of place btw..)

    It is a later GL colour, ’73 onwards, that’s nice..

    One year earlier it would have been a light metallic blue..

    Can’t wait..

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