Pop Race Mitsubishi Starion “narrowbody” in silver : a must have.

Pop Race models are sometimes developed by Inno64 and this is why I am featuring this one today. While I have no connection with Pop Race, I like from time to time looking around their catalogue (that honestly I don’t really understand) and I must admit that there are some gems. I had previously highlighted the amazing Toyota Celica GT-Four Safari Rally and this time I am pleased to show you the Mitsubishi Starion in silver.

Pop Race chose the “narrowbody” version instead of the widebody but you can feel anyway that this car has something sporty hiding. It’s a sport hatchback turbocharged car with electronic fuel injection issued between 1982 and 1989.

This car had a pretty good pedigree in motor racing and was also developed (but never finished) for Group B rally with the Starion 4WD (a car made by CM’s). That being said, I truly believe that this car is totally underrated and not used enough ! Why only one race version so far at Inno’s catalogue and two at Pop Race and two street versions ? We need more! This car is so cool.

Regarding the model itself, the body lines are super nice such as the good incrustations of the glasses (and their black edges). The car is “almost” too boxy / sporty for a narrowbody Starion, but it is the Inno way and I like it. The model is full metal and a roller. My only complaint is about the wheels that are a little too grey. I would have loved them a little more blacked. Otherwise, this Starion is pure joy.

A red one is in pre-order at Pop Race and a black version already exists. Interesting enough to note, this car was sold in the US under Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth brands as the Conquest which will be tooled very soon by Autoworld. You can find this model on Pop Race website or on eBay for around 20$.

The racing Starion on the left is the Macau version of 2020, introducing the new tooling.

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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