Lamley Single File: Husky Lancia Flaminia

Alright so technically this isn’t 1/64, but I’m going to overlook that because it was sold as part of a broader “3 inch” range. And it’s also a very cool little thing and too good not to share with you Lamley readers. This is the Lancia Flaminia by the long gone Husky Toys of the UK.

The replacement for the Aurelia, the Flaminia was Lancia’s flagship model between 1957 and 1970. Named after the Roman road that led from Rome to Rimini, the Flaminia was available in both coupe and saloon versions. Power came initially from a 2.5 litre V6 which was replaced by a larger 2.8 unit in 1962. Over 12,000 were sold with the coupe accounting for more sales than the saloon.

Diecast cars under the Husky brand were manufactured by Mettoy (who also made Corgi toys) and were first sold in 1964. The range was aimed at competing with the contemporary Matchbox range and featured some unique little vehicles such as an Oldsmobile Starfire, Commer walk-through van and an NSU Ro-80. The range lasted until 1970 when it was re-branded under the Corgi Juniors name. The Lancia is one of the best looking models of the short lived range in my opinion.

It’s a dainty little thing, probably 1/87 scale, but I’m very fond of it. I regard the Flaminia as one of the most beautiful Lancia saloons and fittingly the Husky version is a very pretty diecast. For a small scale model of the era, the proportions are great.

There’s a pleasant interior, suspension and an opening bonnet. And I’ve amended the article as of today (23rd August) to include detail that I’d previously not seen on this model: the silver stud pictured in the middle of the engine bay rises when you press down on the front suspension, pushing the bonnet up. How neat is that?! Thank you to Tim in the comments section of this post for pointing this out and proving once again this hobby is always a learning experience. Okay, so the engine detail is barely going to set the world alight but it would definitely have been an extra dimension of “playability” for young collectors and today is a pleasant feature for me as an adult collector.

The patina adds another dimension. There’s no substitute for wear and tear sometimes.

A unique and interesting model and one that I’m thoroughly pleased to bring to the Lamley pages.

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  1. These are the nuggets I come here for! Excellent find! On a related note, right after you presented the Fiat 2300 Coupé I went online and found one as well.

  2. Hello Alex. I am very, very late responding to this posting! I remember reading this one but had forgotten I owned this toy as a child. In the meantime my mother unearthed my childhood toys and this one was in the mix. Very playworn. Bonnet snapped off and painted a different color in a fit of childhood boredom. To remedy that crime (!) I found a pristine example (still in its blister package) from an Ebay seller in Los Angeles. He wanted $89 but I bargained down to $71. Far too much to pay for a toy but I had to have it. Those Husky toys are really exquisitely modelled little gems. I have since accumulated a few (Buick Electra police, Citroen Safari, Jaguar Mark X, Guy Warrior coal truck) and am struck how they are significantly smaller than Matchbox. The skill which must have been required to create such superb castings by hand is amazing. Those men working in the Swansea, Wales, factory were artists.

    Jeffrey Martin

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