Quick Look: Hot Wheels Back to the Future ’48 Ford

Is it me, or is Hot Wheels the only diecast company that would be daring enough to make this? Seriously. Matchbox? No way. M2? Not a chance. Auto World? Hell no. Mini GT and similar? I’d doubt they’d do this era of car let alone like this. Greenlight, maybe Johnny Lightning, are the only brands I could maybe see do this, and that’s a big maybe. But Hot Wheels? Sure, let’s throw a pile of crap on it!

For those that know, this car was driven by a young Biff Tannen in the Back to the Future movies, and crashed it into the back of a manure truck. More than once. And for the Retro Entertainment line, Hot Wheels decided to do Biff’s ’48 Ford. But why would they only do the plain black Ford when they can literally add the manure? Say what you want but that decision really made the original release of this car stand out. They simply made the manure an add-on piece that just drops in place, so those that didn’t want the smelly stuff on their car could do without.

The ’48 Ford casting itself is quite the gem, but sadly barely used. This tool of the Deluxe model of the car has been used 3 times for retail, twice for the BTTF release and once in yellow for a Karate Kid homage. There’s a more hot rod tool of it, where the trunk lid is plain and the front grill and bumper are different, that has unfortunately only seen one release for the movie Grease. The downer of this release compared to the original is the deco is much more crude than before.

It’s a bummer I don’t have the original gloss black release of the BTTF Ford, as that mix was rather scarce to begin with (it was the last mix for 2014, that also had the BJ and the Bear Thunder Roller), so this more recent flat black release from 2019 will suffice for now. Here’s hoping that either ’48 Ford casting pops up somewhere!

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  1. You left out the 2014 MEA dinner ’48 Ford Super De Luxe with manure in white to represent snow.
    What a dfference a color makes!

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