Special editions models from Inno64, some news and a Chinese new year special.

Let me show you some more Inno64 models the brand sent me, with special editions from Malaysia, Thailand, Chinese new year and some more new models from April and May 2022 with a new model from the JDM collection.

First I want to highlight what I consider – at least!- the BEST Nissan Sunny Hakotora so far with this Malaysia Special Edition. Look at this crazy stance and those tiny wheels ! How cool is that ? I suppose the mold has been modified to justify those tiny wheels. Who better than Inno64 can make such low models ? I think everything is working here : red/white base, red/white car, tiny wheels, crazy stance, very fine details (mirrors, plates, wing …). I cannot say that the Hakotora is my favorite model from the brand (we are actually very far from that), but this version is pure joy. It took some time, it was worth it. Congrats Inno64!

I have shot the new model Honda City Turbo II in Japanese police car concept with it to show how the Hakotora is low, and the wheels tiny! This Japanese police concept is the fifth variation of the Honda City Turbo II and I always forgot that the car has opening parts! They are so well hidden. The Motocompo is also treated with fun with a big red flashing light.

Then, let’s have a look at a Thailand special model with the Nissan Silvia S14 Adrenaline Rocket Bunny Boss in a strange light blue/green/grey color ? This model has been featured a lot of times on the blog, the Boss is a regular casting that kit models aficionados will like to add to their collection. The baseplate is still in this metal brush very premium like, while the car is a non-roller (and it’s OK with that). I love the rear treatment with the blue exhausts. Other than that, I don’t have much to say about it, except it is as always very well precise and qualitative. You can find some on eBay.

Another special model must be shown too : the 2022 Chinese New Year 997 LBWK year of the tiger. It’s not Eyes of the Tiger but year of the tiger with a figure of a … tiger, and a woman in red. Why not ? The 997, that is a very nice model as it has already been shown here, is in a very shiny red robe with gold inscriptions. It is not discreet, but nonetheless very premium in look. I don’t know if it’s a rare model but it is surely very special in a collection. I have seen some listed on eBay.

Finally, I have two more models Inno64 wanted me to show you, with a new iteration of the Nissan GT-R R32 in Falken livery that will please our Canadian resident, and another variation of the Honda Civic Type-R EK9 for the “JDM collection”. Strangely, the Falken car gets the number #13. It is quite odd because this number is most of the time avoided in the racing world. Looking at the EK9 Civic, it will please the JDM collection collectors with the green and purple Wharp livery.

Next time I shall show you the Rocket Bunny NSX Takata and Castrol. Stay tuned !


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