Lamley Daily: Stance Hunters Honda Odyssey

A super quick Lamley Daily from me today featuring a rather cool Honda from one of 1/64 scale’s new kids on the block: this is the Stance Hunters Honda Odyssey.

Despite being a minivan, the Odyssey is one of those omnipresent cars in tuning culture. The engine choices across the years have included been an array of easily tuned VTEC 4 cylinder powerplants, and in the generation modeled by Stance Hunters (the 2003-2008 RB1/2) power comes from the very capable 2.4 litre K24A engine. The K24 is a very popular and adaptable engine with tuners, and the Odyssey has always been a car that takes well to a bodykit. So whether it’s Bisimoto’s 1000bhp monster or the lap crunching time attack Takero’s version or the slew of various VIP tuned examples, there’s a tuned Odyssey for everyone.

Stance Hunters have impressed me since they’ve arrived on the scene. The firm have proved themselves more than capable of taking on some unique and desirable castings including the Ferrari Testarossa based Koenig Competition Evolution I looked at last year all the way to the newly released Fiat 642 race transporter. The Odyssey is perhaps one of the more “normal” subjects that the company produce but it’s a brilliant bit of work.

The looks are fantastic, aided by great details and fantastic paint quality. The model is a roller, but these things are resin, highly highly delicate and I’d say you’re better off leaving this in the display case which in itself is a very cool thing with a chunk of perspex, plastic and ply combined beautifully as a base.

The attention to detail is just staggering, with windscreen wipers individually modeled and even seat-belts with buckles visible through the windscreen.

It’s a really great model and one I can’t stop looking at.

Another great bit of work from Stance Hunters and one that firmly deserves to be today’s Lamley Daily.

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  1. Dang, y’all got me! This has always been my favorite generation of International Odyssey and I just had to order one in that glorious deep purple they offer. Thanks for uncovering these unique models!

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