What about a little piece of resin ? Inno64 new Nissan Skyline Retro Livery

Inno64’s second model in resin is the little sister of the Nissan Skyline ER34 Retro Livery, this time in yellow and white, paying homage to the former classic Nissan Silvia Super Silhouette livery.

I have already done a very complete article about minicars in resin, and particularly the first model of this car, that I invite you to read here. This second model from the brand Inno64 is as good, if not better. The premium treatment is still the same with a packaging ultra qualitative.

The car is almost the same, but some details differ, like the form of the front spoiler, the rear wing. In the end, I wonder if the mold is the same, I feel that some differences are present in the back of the car. But I wouldn’t be surprised, as resin permits modifications like this.

This livery is paying homage to the Nissan Silvia Super Silhouette (here shot as a Tomica Limited Vintage model).

The LBWK booth is a Dio64 that I will fully detail soon in another article. For now, you can still order this resin piece on eBay, that should be a perfect companion to the red version. I absolutely don’t know which one I prefer. Both are paying homage to legendary race cars, I think both are worth it!

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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