Lamley Awards 2021: What was the Best & Worst Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt?

Every year, this is one of the most voted on categories of the Lamley Awards, so let’s get right to it.

It is time for you to pick the Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt you think was the Best of 2021, along with the Super you think was the Worst. The criteria is yours. Casting you love? Casting you hate? The model that was the greatest upgrade from this Basic counterpart? The best looking? The most original. Whatever makes it the Best for you, vote for it. Same with the Worst.

(If you want to share why you voted for what you did, please share in the comments here, or on the video. I’m always interested. But make sure you vote.)

The polls are below. Watch the video and check out the photos, and vote! That’s the only way your vote will count. The polls will be open this week. Enjoy!

11 Replies to “Lamley Awards 2021: What was the Best & Worst Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt?”

  1. Ok, I had a rough time with my decision. It came down to this…there were 7 that I was hoping to find. I found none of those. I did find the 95 Mazda Rx-7 and for what it’s worth, I voted for it…simply because, I thought to myself which of the ones I wanted would I be willing to Trade it for? None! I like the simple deco, I like the wheels, and honestly that color makes me keep staring at it. I think it’s kind of a “sleeper” classic.

    As for worst: I really thought the Nova Gasser needed something to make it pop. In it’s defense, the competition was fierce. I just didn’t care for the whole combination- wheels, deco, paint, etc.

  2. Best was tough, but ultimately, I went with the Type R. This one got three sides of deco, which normally doesn’t happen on basic models. It also has the cool-looking HKS licensed deco, which is awesome. I also love the Civic Type R as a 1:1 car, and what it represents for car culture. The internal combustion engine is singing its swan song with electric power on the horizon, and when it goes it will take the manual transmission with it. Cars like this 10th gen Civic Type R and the new 11th gen with their combination of performance, practicality, reliability and obligatory manual transmission configuration will surely be some of the last of their kind and cars to remember. This Super Treasure Hunt is a sweet replica.

    Worst was easy. Mazda RX-3. Why should I bother hunting for it if it looks nearly identical to the basic version? Super Treasure Hunts need to be enhanced versions of regular releases and look the part. This one was a letdown.

  3. Best: Datsun 510. It matching the wagon from the Legends Tour of 2019 was fantastic to me. Overall a really great year for $TH’s. Was hard to pick a worst. Went with the Z06 only because it didn’t seem very special with the paint/deco combo. Hard to go wrong this year…

  4. Best was tough, but I went with the Type R. This one got three sides of deco, which is uncommon for mainline models. It also has that cool licensed HKS livery, which looks good on the black model with the blue six-spokes. I also just love the Civic Type R as a 1:1 car, and what it represents for car culture. The internal combustion engine is singing its swan song, with electric power on the horizon. This 10th gen Civic Type R as well as the new 11th gen, with their performance, practicality, affordability and reliability will surely be cars to remember, and probably some of the last of their kind. This Super T-Hunt is a sweet tribute.

    Worst was easy: Mazda RX-3. Why should I bother looking for it if it looks the same as the basic? Super Treasure Hunts are enhanced versions of basic models and should look the part. This one was a letdown.

  5. I wish that mustang at least had painted tail lights that’s why I voted it the worst. Nothing wowed me the mainline in Yellow looked better.

  6. This year was not that great with finding Supers. 2020 was even worse by not finding any at all! This year, I only managed to find the Corvette C7 Z06 Convertible, Rodger Dodger, and Audi R8 Spyder. I do have two others which are the Porsche 356 Outlaw and ’68 Mercury Cougar that we ordered online. So it’s hard to pick a favorite since the ones I really like are not on hand. If I were to choose it would probably be the Datsun 510. I know this car in general is overly hyped but I just love the green color with the gold 4-spokes. That looks sharp. Also, the Shelby Cobra 427 S/C is nice but it’s too hard to differentiate it from the mainline. I’ve come across many mainlines and always excite myself thinking it’s a Super when it’s not.

    The most disappointing would be the Ford Shelby GT500. The proportions are very inaccurate and the lack of front or rear detailing is a deal breaker. I’ve never liked this casting. I always pass on it whenever it’s a mainline or a Premium.

  7. Unfortunately it’s far too busy a time of year to tap in and vote in time. So I’m a week late and missed it. A shame the voting window is so short. Anyway, my vote would have easily gone to the Porsche 356A in Gulf livery. Love the basic, but man does that STH really stand out! All of the clean models (300ZX, RX-7 R8) look fantastic, and would be my runners up. It’s tough to choose between them, but I think I’ll have to give it to the Z with a slight lead, as that Spectraflame blue stands out a bit more than the black of the RX-7. I also have to give honorable mention to the 510. I didn’t think I liked the green at first, but it actually looks great as Spectraflame and the contrasting bronze wheels complement it nicely and are a big upgrade from the basic chrome wheels.

    My worst Super is a close call between the Cougar, ’49 Ford and Nova Gasser. These are all castings I would not want for my collection. The Corvette Grand Sport Roadster isn’t great here, but I’m not opposed to the casting itself. I also have one ’68 Cougar casting in my collection, so that one also has a lot to do with the execution. My worst goes to the ’64 Nova Wagon Gasser, because I would never buy a gasser casting, Super or not.

  8. Best for me was the Nova Gasser. The wheels, the color, it’s just nicely done and clearly stands out from the basic. I didn’t think it was going to be a super I would really want, but here we are.

    Worst for me was between the Cougar and the Mustang. Mustang was too boring and disappointed not having taillights and headlights, but the Cougar took the final vote because no matter how much I look at it, I can’t appreciate a single thing about it.

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