Lamley Awards 2021: What the Best Auto World Release in 2021?

Time for the next Lamley Awards Tournament on Instagram.

Last week was the Tarmac Works Tournament (if you missed the winner, all will be announced together at the end of the month), along with the Best and Worst Hot Wheels Super TH Poll.

Matchbox will take over the polls this week, and Auto World will be the subject of this week’s tournament on my Instagram Stories. Head over to the Lamley YouTube Channel and check out the video, then make your way to @lamleygroup on Instagram and get started.

Trying to figure out how I created this tournament with an 8-car play-in and a 16-car tournament is a bit complicated, but suffice to say every casting released this year by Auto World has been represented.

And what a bunch of castings they are. Auto World stayed true to their American classics roots, but found themselves venturing more into the 80’s and 90’s, as well as introduce their first Japanese car casting. All while rolling out Squarebody after Squarebody.

It made for a diverse year casting-wise, and one that will surely be a competitive tournament. Enjoy taking on this tough task.

The play-in models:

The 12 entries (along with 6 new castings):

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