In tune with the tuners: EraCar Suzuki Jimny Apio

It’s always a good thing when diecast brands immerse themselves in the world of tuning, coupling up with real world companies to create scale versions of cars from companies like Rauh Welt, Mine’s, HKS, Top Secret. And the results are usually an instant success. One only needs to look at the myriad of Tarmac RWBs and any number of the fast multiplying Liberty Walk Hot Wheels mainlines. Stance Hunters Koenig Testarossa. Inno and Tarmac’s Mine’s liveried masterpieces. I could go on and on and on. But what is really refreshing to see is diecast brands collaborating with the less mainstream tuners, the ones usually unheard of beyond their specific audience. Case in point is the new collaboration from EraCar with Japanese Suzuki Jimny specialists Apio.

Apio are masters at fettling the already cool and capable off roaders and produce parts and equipment for the early SJ series Jimny right up to the to current JB series cars. And their new complete car the TS4 Jimny Sierra has been modeled in two guises by EraCar. The slate grey example is loaded with accurately modeled kit from the Apio parts catalogue and looks brilliant.

The attention to detail is fantastic. From the lightbar to the “Wildboar SR” wheels, all parts match up to the ones you can purchase for your Jimny. The decals are sharp, clear plastic is used for the headlights and there’s some nice touches like the wheel nuts being painted that make this thing pop a little more.

But if you like your Jimnys a little more toned down then there’s the “Melt Khaki” version….

Lighter on the Apio parts list but not on the detail, the khaki version has more of a sedate look but is equally as cool as the slate car.

Both cars are rammed with detail and come in very cool collectors boxes with a coloured top corresponding with the car inside.

Both also feature opening bonnets revealing the K15B engine.

In my opinion EraCar are doing very well indeed for a relatively new manufacturer on the scene. They’re producing some great stuff and this collaboration with a specialist tuner is proof they’re well into their cars. Needless to say I’ve got more of their stuff on the way to Lamley, starting with a certain police liveried Nissan GTR, and no, not a Japanese Police car either. Stay tuned…

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(Find the EraCar Apio Jimny on the brand website – click here for the Slate car and here for the tan car, or alternatively grab one on Ebay)

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