The full preview of a very desirable model : Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth, by Inno64.

YES! Finally, some news of the Ford Sierra. It is probably my most anticipated model of the year, and Fransisco was kind enough to send me the final samples for you to see them, Lamley readers. How cool is that ?

Yes, I know it already, the model was announced a long time ago, but believe me it is not an easy model to tool. First, the lines or the car are very complex if you want it right. I prefer to wait half a year and get a super precise replica of a car I’m totally fond of instead of a quick bad replica.
Second, Ford approving license system might not be the fastest of the world (how many time for Mini GT Ford GT to be released?)
Third, the Ford Sierra is a super sought after model, and Inno64 wanted to have it as a new model in the very soon to be released yearly Macau Grand Prix set.

Alright, ready ? Let’s start. I’m so excited by these models !!!
I had the chance to discuss some points with Fransisco from Inno64 about what colors would be the best to start, propose some ideas for racing versions and also talk about the precision of the lines of the car. To me, the most important thing about the Sierra is the rear window, but we will have a look at this point later.

The Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth is undoubtedly a legendary car, known to be the supercar of the working class. To be precise, Inno64 decided to tool the Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth, RS500 being important. It means 500 units were specially prepared by Tickford (actually 499), improving the number of horse power (up to 224cv) and adding some special spoilers on the rear and on the front. Does it means we will see a modified tooling in the future of the “just” Sierra RS Cosworth ? Maybe. I don’t know. For now, I can show you 4 models as final samples of the RS500 Cosworth, with 2 street versions and 2 racing versions.

Why not to start with the street versions? They look so mean! My god. Look at this moonstone blue version. I can’t get enough of it. I just can’t. Might I have my favorite Inno64 model in hand ? Might be …

The tooling itself is ultra satisfying, at first glance you feel the bodybuilding look of the Cosworth. The car is low, but not too much, the aggressive wheel arches are stunning such as the always very detailed wheels. The tooling is engineered to be both street and racing. It works. In addition, we shall see some Rally versions later.
As always with Inno64, there is a great precision in the release. All the tampo work is fine, neat and precise. The incrustation of the rear spoiler is as good as a 1/43 Spark replica at €69.95, and except some logos or plates sometimes a bit sideways, everything is top level.

I will make a very precise focus of the car, because it’s a really anticipated model, that deserves all interest.
The front is something the brand had to discuss with Ford, because of the black line upon the headlights. I think the brand did well and was right to maintain it’s point of view about this black line, that exists on the real car, as you can see :

The 3 “black lines” above and under the plate are also exact, I think that just the central black grill under the Ford logo might have been a little less rectangular. Headlights are very nice. The air intakes on the front hood are well etched. Also, please note that the additional spoiler as an RS500 is well present.

The fenders are just pure joy with the bodybuilding look and so the profile of the car is really captured. Black lines and tampo work are fine, such as the black lines around the windows. I remember having a discussion with Fransisco about them, and finally the results is satisfying. They are not too thick, not too small and it prevents the thickness of the plastic. I’m in. You cannot do exactly what you want with a limited budget in mind and in production in large number. Compromises are always made but with realism in head. I like that.
Speaking about the glasses, this is to me THE point that can make or break your model of a Ford Sierra. The rear window MUST NOT be sharped. It is NOT. It is rounded, subtly, with a break that ends rounded. That is exactly what I’ve highly suggested to Inno64 (and what they did), and I don’t think they needed me to warn about that because they know how to make a minicar, but I’ve seen others Ford Sierra tooled with very sharped rear windows (CM’s for example). Maybe an image such as below is more speaking :

So, with those ingredients, our Sierra is really starting to be the model of the year isn’t it ?
We still have to consider the rear though. Wow. How good it is. It gives me an impression of something so neat. Rear headlights are so precise. The tooling is really good. The black rear spoiler (specificity of the RS500) is tooled, and the principal rear spoiler is massive. Maybe it’s a tad straight. But the inlay is really good.
On the improvement section, I would have loved a work on the tooling for the gas tank, instead of a tampo work.

Our precise tour of the casting is done, and you can easily see how good the replica is.
A word about the chassis : it is plastic, and from what I’ve heard it will stay like that, but the car is almost a roller. On my 4 examples, I have some rolling better than others. I can’t tell what will happen with models in production (mines are final samples), but I believe it will stay like that, which is a compromise admissible from my point of view. Oh, and the interior is also treated well, with this kind of tartan interior, with details up to the doors !

Look at eBay listings not to miss it, or preorder it.

I have a very strong preference for the moonstone blue, but the white version really highlights the black contrast details of the Sierra. I am very happy that the brand is offering both street and racing versions (and later rally versions).

Speaking of racing versions, I have two final samples of the FIA European Touring Car Championship 1987 in an iconic black and white Texaco livery, and a JTC Fuji Trampio 1988 in shades of blue. Antennas, central wiper, roll cage, racing interior, left hand drive and different mirrors, no doubt that you are in the racing spirit. I LOVE racing Sierra, and above all track Sierra, that look so good, low with brilliant wheels. Those 2 versions are, I’m sure, the first two of a long series of racing Sierra, and you shall see first the Watson’s and G2000 Macau’s specials before them.

About a target time of release : very end of November (2021), so it’s really imminent. Stay tuned!

I shall let you appreciate the casting with more photos. I will meet you again about the Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth very soon with the 2 freshly announced models from Macau special !

The 1/43 models in the back are Spark resin models

See you soon for more reviews!


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  1. I fell in love with the Sierra in 1983 as an American kid landing in the Madrid Airport. It was a white one likely in XR4i set up. It was so bright and different than anything in the states. I have wanted one ever since no matter how irrational or impractical it would be. I have the white one on order and hope they do more. It would be interesting to find out if they have the lower non Cosworth versions planned. This will look good next to my Greenlight Escort Cossie.

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