Matchbox Monday (slightly early) starts promoting Leipzig with promos

As was the case last year, Leipzig is happening this year with a reduced crowd, and as such Dirk will be doing the same routine as last year with an auction leading into the event, an auction for those who are there only and a final auction leading out of the event. With “Auction A” now going live, my report drops just a little bit early to tie in with the auction. But what else shall I talk about?

I thought this week I would go all promos. Literally. Now I had better tell you, because I did so much with the promotional stuff, there is no dive back at the end of the report. Instead, you will find details and auction lots relating to the first of the Matchbox European Convention auctions instead. As said, this auction is live right now, and you will be able to bid on the lots if interested. Details of how and where to will be before the auction lots, so keep reading. But in the meantime, Dirk Schleuer, who runs the European convention which is held in Leipzig each year alongside the (returning for this year after being cancelled last year) Modell-Hobby-Spiel will be providing attendees with some exclusive items. But that will be a job for next week (spoiler alert, next week will be convention and German themed, and also slightly early with a second auction running out of the convention).

So let’s talk promotionals. This year has already seen 2 different promotional items. As we know, in July there was a USA convention in Albuquerque NM. Run by Jim Gallegos, this also receives a number of exclusive Matchbox models, but it is not all. Everett Marshall III also has a charity Golf Tournament every year, and these also see exclusive Matchbox promotional models. So I thought I would dig in deep with these and show them off, to whet our appetites for some more promotionals next week.

I thought I would begin with Everett’s Golf models. For those who read my blogs here, you might remember one from a little over a year ago, where I posted this. It was a tease for last year’s golf models. Well this happens every year and Everett had the new MB1233 MBX Rescue Dasher as the exclusive model for the 2021 tournament. As has been the norm for the last number of years, there are 2 models. This first one is the Burns Foundation charity model.

It features detailing to the top of the plexicase telling us that the model is on behalf of the Everett Marshall Charities, plus that there are 2 tournaments. One in New Jersey and one in Florida. But I am not here for the cases. Oh no.

I need to get at the model inside. So let’s take a closer look.

Lid off. As we know, the rescue Dasher is a Matchbox originals design. But when you get a model decked out like this one is, I honestly do not mind at all. The team did a great job of creating a realistic looking fire engine from e bygone era without having to pay out a license fee. Sure it was their own creation, but one made using many ideas from the real ones of the time.

Once unscrewed from the base, I have had a look at this model and I think it is stunning. I think I actually prefer this to the Seagrave and the Mack, 2 real licensed fire engines from that era.

What I love when it comes to promotional models is that the team are able to really stretch their abilities with them. The silver steps going up the rear of the model are a beautiful touch here.

the interior section, which forms quite a bit of the outer area too, while being a decent colour break in basic form, is not as important here as they have the own painted colour break by having a white cab area. Plus they even managed to tampo print the light on the roof. It is a part of the window section, and the rest of the window is smoke.

Even the front with additional printing looks amazing. A chrome base section really enhances the look of this model. I did like the basic range debut, but I love this one.

Of course there is a second. This is the pink issue for Breast Cancer Research, which has been created alongside the standard one for the last 7 years.

The plexicase is the same one. Both models are for Everett Marshall Charities, one of them happens to be the Burns Foundation, and the other works with Breast Cancer Research. A great choice of charities. Of course these models may still be available from Everett. Remember, being a charity event, these are a minimum donation of $50 each. So getting both does set you back $100 at least, but they are for a great cause (or 2) so I think it is always worthwhile.

This model is exactly the same as the other one too, except what was a red interior and metallic red paint on the body is now pink/metallic pink. You might have noticed various nods to 16. This is because this year’s events were the 16th Annual Tournament.

This metallic pink really pops too. They are both extremely shiny and stand out, with all the chrome and shiny metallic paintwork. The Mattel guys have done a fantastic job in making these 2 models.

A little side by side with the alternate issue in red.

They really did go to town on the detailing. Pin striping, detailing up all the dials and switches on the side. For a generic casting, this really had a lot of effort put into it, and once you apply this level of detailing you can really see how it pays off.

So yes, for me, this was another $100 very well spent. I enjoy being a part of the community that donates to Everett’s charities each year, and these little rewards are just the icing on the cake.

The basic range issue pops in for an appearance too.

It was good, but these models take this new casting to the next level. Roll on tournament number 17 next year. I will be preparing to donate more money.

Which brings us on to the other promotional issues that we get to see each year. Albuquerque NM has been the home of the Matchbox Gathering for let’s see, carry the one. Oh wait, it says on the side of the Divco. 19 years now. Sadly I was unable to make the event as I live in the UK. I had booked my spaces, and was sitting, waiting for the USA travel ban to be lifted. Sadly it never materialized so I couldn’t get out. But great news. It is being lifted in November, so I am already making plans for next year. I will be there (unless they clam up again). Well I say making my plans, I am actually just dusting off my 2020 plans which were already in the works (2 events missed, not done that before). My travel vouchers from the airlines are still waiting to be utilized and with the 2022 event already set for the 22-24 July weekend I am already starting to set this old plan in motion. I can’t wait! But anyway, I am sidetracking.

You might have noticed, this plexicase is taller than the average plexicase. Well, the Divco is taller than the average Matchbox model. So they utilized a step up in size case to accommodate it.

And just like Everett’s Golf Fire Engines, these Albuquerque models also see detailing to the top of the plexicase. As you can see, the MB1222 Divco Milk Truck was the dinner model for the 2021 event.

I also notice the legal information on the bottom of the plexicase also included the Divco logo. I guess they had to put it somewhere. Ooh look, Phillips screws. Easy to dismantle.

Lid comes off again and the Divco gets to breath its first lot of fresh air.

And base gone. Much better. Now that’s a set of moon wheels if ever I saw them. Very plain, and they really seem to work on the model.

“Follow Me to the Best Diecast Event of the Year!” Yes, I always love the little touches that you get on these models. This one has a cool tagline over the rear doors.

And some milk crates inside if you were to open the rear doors.

I like that this model is pretty much using the same paint as the MBX Rescue Dasher from Everett’s event, except now it is red over white. It really suits the model well. A very classy convention design on the side of the model, along with black and gold pin striping. This really looks high class. Plus a few logos. I see one for Abe Lugo, one for Jim Gallegos, and of course, I can guess who designed it. There’s an Adlar58 logo on there. Classic Michael Heralda.

Alternative logo on the other side. Plus, I do love that we have the return of the classic “codes”. R54 38IL5. Hmm! Red Chile! Oh yeah, I love these. So happy to see them return.

For those who were wondering, those wheels are 2-part rubber wheels. Or real riders. I know many call them that. I am slowly phasing it in myself.

This is an outstanding model and I am very happy to have one. Wait? One?

I meant 2. Because, as people know, Jim likes to have an early bird special. Of course this one does not disappoint.

The plexicase is the same for both, just as the Golf Tournament models were identical.

The difference here is the roof. The gold pinstripes going down the edges have been cut short and additional tampo printing applied. And boy do I like this.

We have a lovely retro looking 68 years of quality design, and under it is a “Dinner Model Cure All For: Diecastitis, Zamakaloids and DLM Syndrome”. Waith, this sounds extremely familiar.

Ooh! Wheyhemes is back.

This is just so cool. The first 75 people who registered for the event are obviously the craziest of us (myself included) and all must suffer with Diecastitis. Plus me, I have a serious case of DLM Syndrome! I absolutely love how this model has tied in with the first of the Mattel Creations models. Are we seeing the beginnings of a recurring theme here?

This is just fantastic stuff. I love it. I have long been a fan of recurring themes, tying things together and linking various models across the ranges. Never would I have guessed they would link a Mattel Creations model to a convention promotional model. This is just great work by the guys at Matchbox, and obviously Michael Heralda who is the genius behind these 2 designs.

And now I just fell off my chair. My favourite casting again being used as a promotional. I am absolutely drooling right now. I can’t help it. The Porsche 911 Turbo is my favourite car of all time, and Matchbox have made not 1, but 2 of my favourite era, often known as the 930 era (1975-1989). First Lesney created a casting of it while it was in production in real life and then Mattel go and recreate it a few years ago. To me, you cannot get better than this.

As seen on the top of the plexicase, this is the dealer model. The MB1152 ’80 Porsche 911 Turbo.

It has official Porsche trademarks on the bottom, but no Porsche badge. The badge being basically the classic coat of arms for the Free State of Württemberg which was the area that was in control when Porsche first started, with the horse coat of arms emblem in the middle for the stud farm that was in the middle of the state. Stud Farm in German is Stuotgarten, but can also be shortened to Stuttgart. It got so big it just turned into a whole city. As Porsche was founded in Stuttgart, they put the Stuttgart coat of arms in the middle of the Free State of Württemberg coat of arms, slapped a Porsche strip across the top and that was that. Although through mergers, Württemberg is now Baden-Württemberg and has an entirely different coat of arms. Porsche didn’t update. But the Porsche logo is relatively simple if you think about it. City inside state with Porsche written across the top. Anyway, I am digressing again aren’t I. Really must stop doing that.

So let’s start working this model out shall we. A very nice green. Very shiny.

And of course it didn’t take me long to get it off the plinth. Ooh isn’t this a beauty!

As with other promotional items, this gives the Mattel guys a chance to really cut loose with their designs. It is the little things like the shiny chrome wing mirrors. Full detailing all over the model, and the black with white striping is just phenomenal.

The 19th logo is on the roof, and Porsche in a little strip across the top of the window. Various logos again are adorning the model both on the front.

And on the side. There is also a 19 on the door, and you may just about make out under the door a thin strip with Porsche Turbo sprawled across it.

I love it. That Porsche Turbo writing reminds me of the classic Lesney casting which in later years saw the exact same style font writing on the side too. Retro vibes! Can anybody tell I am loving this model?

What is this on the rear? More codes? GRN 38IL5. Hmm! Green Chile!

That’s brilliant. More linking things together. Green chile, green model, red chile, red model. My head is just exploding here. It is the little details like this I find fascinating, but to some they might be completely missed.

So yes, this is just an awesome model, and I am so disappointed I was not there in person to have received this live and in real time.

But now, things are going to take an evil twist. Well no, but yes, but no. Wait? I am so confusing myself here.

There is a second very limited run of the Porsche too. For those who follow me on Instagram at @davidjtilley you might have already seen this. It depends how fast you are with things. As noted, this report has dropped just a tad early, and my Instagram post only just preceded it, so if you have not seen it yet and are reading this first, I did ask the question as to whether I take it out of the plexicase.

You see, as people know I am a DLM person. I suffer with DLM Syndrome. Things need to come out of boxes. Jim knows this and has given me this zamac very VERY limited edition version of the car with one provision. I don’t take it out of the plexicase. So what to do? How am I going to live with this? It’s a freaking Porsche 911 Turbo. It is stuck inside a plexicase. It is sending me crazy. What? What do you mean I was already crazy! AAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!

Okay so as I gather and compose myself, this does bring me to the next part of my ordeal. I mean torture. I mean blog! So there is officially a pair (but one is stuck inside a prison) of Porsche 911 Turbo promotional issues, and last year we saw a set of 4 done for the Leipzig event. Oh wow! Remember these? I have never forgotten them. Awesome stuff. Okay, I am dribbling again.

Well these got me thinking about the whole promotional aspect of the brand. In years gone by we would have loads of promotional models. Particularly during the Universal era, when they were at their peak, there would be on-pack offers, send away offers, free gifts, giveaways, you name it. Promotional models were made on a regular basis. Heck there is even an MB38 Ford Model A Van that had so many promotional models it could be the sole purpose of a collection and still amass a huge collection. The London Bus was a cool promotional model running through the later Lesney era and through Universal into Tyco too. Other vehicles were often seen in promotional guises, and as Mattel took over these were still fairly common. But with the advent of affordable tampo machines, during the 1990s and into the 2000s smaller companies like AdTrucks in the UK, and Color Comp/ASAP in USA started creating promotional models, and Matchbox were on board, supplying them with “blanks” with which they could create what were referred to as “code 2” models. Code 1 – made by Matchbox. Code 2 – altered after leaving Matchbox but with their authority to do so. Code 3 – altered after leaving Matchbox without their knowledge or blessing. Although Code 3 did also apply to custom models, which in a sense Matchbox (particularly in recent times) did ask for people to do. But they still fit into the Code 3 area. but by the mid 2000s the promotional Matchbox model had pretty much fizzled out. I remember some Duracell on-pack offerings in the mid 2000s, a few baseball giveaways too. But once they were done, so was the regular promotional offering. But what we had instead was a few select promotional issues. These are regular yearly occurrences as a rule, although by keeping your nose to the ground, you might be able to sniff out a random extra one. So I thought instead of my usual dive back, I would just take a little promotional trip down memory line of say the last half a dozen years or so. I decided to start in 2015.

You see, as a rule, we do get the consistent set of promotional tools. But not always. I chose this year specifically because there was a blip this year. The MB964 ’75 Mack CF Pumper. This was a popular model when first arriving, as in 2015 it was chosen twice as a promotional tool. Everett Marshall III chose this model to be the Golf Tournament charity model for the Burns Foundation in green.

With half being green and the other half in an alternative pink for the Breast Cancer Research too.

It was also chosen to be the Albuquerque Dinner model too. This was black and red.

Just like this year, the difference between the 2 is whether they have additional roof printing or not.

Then there is the dealer model. This year happened to be a purple MB720 ’72 Ford Bronco 4×4.

And at the end of the year we saw the Toy Fair model for 2016. For this event the brand new MB976 Ghe-O Rescue that had just arrived in the basic range was given a full, highly detailed tampo treatment for the 2016 Toy Fair.

And this is the thing. Now that the promotional models are few and far between, the Matchbox team can afford to take their time and go absolutely nuts with them. Give them the best and most detailed look they can. Much like the new Mattel Creations models are. These are them putting everything they can into giving us the best possible version they can. You may also note that I made no mention of Leipzig here. As I said, I chose this year because it was an exception where due to a time delay, there was no Leipzig model in 2015.

2016. Golf Tournament. The MB1003 Freightliner Business Class M2 106 was chosen for the event that year. Half the models for the 11th Annual Golf Tournament were orange, for the Burns Foundation.

The other half were pink for Breast Cancer.

Albuquerque Convention. This yea the MB1012 Mazda MX5 Miata was chosen to be the dinner model. It was green with orange striping.

The difference between early bird and regular issue was whether there was additional printing on the rear.

And the dinner model. This time it was the MB862 ’66 Dodge A100 Pickup. It looked fantastic in red.

And we did get Leipzig. Dirk was in on time to secure the MB966 BMW M5 Police in a Notarzt design.

And we saw our first glimpse of the MB1056 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 towards the end of 2016 as it was advertising the 2017 range at the 2017 Toy Fair, of which the model itself didn’t arrive in the basic range until 2017.

It was the first time we saw this model, and at the time were unaware of the interior vs no interior option. The Toy Fair model had an interior, and clear enough windows that you could see it, with the 2017 basic range issue arriving with no interior and blacked out windows.

But now we see a pattern. 2017. The MB801 International WorkStar Brush Fire Truck was chosen to be Everett’s Golf model. Again, a dark pinky red for the Burns Foundation was supported by…..

A pink alternate for Breast Cancer Research. What’s next?

Ah yes, Albuquerque. The dinner model is the MB1022 ’71 Nissan Skyline 2000GTX in dark red with a white roof.

The different early bird issue was seeing addtional rear printing plus….

A chrome base. Care was taken to ensure that because there was an interior variation that they were kept to the same variation. All early birds had 1 interior, the regular dinner models had the alternate.

Although they did have fun with the dealer model. The MB1013 VW Transporter Crew Cab also sports a variation. The rear bed has items or not, and this was split 50/50 across the production run.

But, as I always like surprises, Leipzig secured 3 models for their event. The MB1056 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 was chosen again and we had 3 slightly different looks. The “event” model for the Modell-Hobby-Spiel saw the Leipziger Messe logo and name on the model on the front and side doors.

And Dirk enjoyed an early bird special too, with the first models seeing additional front printing to the model over the regular dinner model for the convention.

And later in 2017 we saw the 2018 Toy Fair model, again a brand new casting being seen for the first time. This one was the MB1078 Chevy Colorado Xtreme.

You may be noticing a trend to the Toy Fair models too, as these were all coming in bronze with blue tinted windows and a lot of black detailing.

So now we are in 2018. You know what is coming. Everett had the MB1086 Scania P360 Fire Engine as his promotional tool. Half of them were red for the Burns Foundation.

The other half for the 13th Annual Golf Tournament were pink for Breast Cancer Research.

Jim saw the MB1027 ’17 Ford F-350 Skyjacker Superduty appear as his dinner model. Regular releases were gold plated.

But the early birds were zamac.

He also had the MB1023 ’70 Datsun 510 Rally as a dealer model, and this too was gold plated. Being a part of the 65th Anniversary of the Matchbox brand they were doing a retro vibe. It was based on the early Matchbox look and models also sported grey wheels as that was how they were then.

Leipzig also came along with Dirk providing us with the MB1195 ’15 Mercedes-Benz G-Class in yellow as a toy show model.

With the convention models being alternate colours. Regular attendees were given the green model, but the early birds got a silver one.

But then he also surprised us with a pink one. What the? Yes, these were an extremely limited affair for those who help him with the convention. Not in general release for attendees.

And of course, late 2018 gave us the MB1185 ’85 Porsche 911 Rally. Again, as a Toy Fair model, this time advertising the 2019 Toy Fair, it was our first glimpse of a brand new casting.

And featured the now common bronze and black look with blue tinted windows.

This then brings us to 2019. The 14th Annual Golf Tournament saw the MB1178 International TerraStar Ambulance as Everett’s model. Again red for the Burns Foundation.

Pink for Breast Cancer Research.

The 17th Annual Albuquerque Convention saw the MB1169 ’80 Mercedes-Benz W123 Wagon chosen and was blue for the regular run of dinner models.

Or green if you were an early bird.

The dealer model that year was the MB1089 GMC Scenic Cruiser in blue too matching the regular dinner model, just like the previous year matched the regular dinner model.

And again Dirk brought us a yellow show model for Leipzig. This time it was the MB1184 ’65 Land Rover Gen II Safari which sported a (glued in) canoe roof element.

For the dinner model again we had a regular and early bird issue. The regular was the only one that sported a regular roof piece that we would usually see on the Landie. This was in green. The early bird was white and again saw the canoe top.

Plus we also had the little exclusive model for the helpers. This canoe-topped model was in blue this year.

And what was a bit of a surprise. The 2020 Toy Fair model being released towards the end of 2019 was the brand new, not released yet MB1205 ’16 Alfa Romeo Giulia. But it wasn’t bronze. It might have been an Alfa request not to use bronze, although the other elements were there. Black detailing, blue tinted windows.

Still looking stunning.

Which of course leads us into 2020 and for this year Everett had a pair of MB1180 ’59 Dodge Coronet Police models in a Fire Chief livery. Red for the Burns Foundation.

And of course the pink Breast Cancer Research alternative.

For Albuquerque Jim had a pair of MB1173 ’69 BMW 2002 models as dinner models (for the event that never sadly happened).

Again the roof was the focal point for the early bird special with additional printing on those models.

The dealer model that year being the MB363 ’62 VW Beetle in matching design.

And Dirk commissioned the MB1152 ’80 Porsche 911 Turbo as the Leipzig issue. The show model (the show was also cancelled but a small convention still managed to take place) was the orange version.

Due to the convention being smaller than the originally planned early bird issue, the black issue became known as the “Best Buddy” model, with white being the regular issue.

And yes, we also saw a very limited run of a helper model too in the way of another pink issue.

Which leads us to, oh yes Toy Fair. This is the last one they did for the 2021 Toy Fair, which sadly got cancelled too. The Mb1243 MBX Field Car which returned us to the bronze and black look with blue windows.

A great little casting showing what the Field Car can look like with a black roof (much like the classic Lesney that inspired it had on some twin pack issues).

And as I have just shown, we got this year’s Golf Tournament models as the MB1233 MBX Fire Dasher in red for the Burns Foundation.

With pink for Breast Cancer.

Albuquerque NM was back on, and the MB1222 Divco Milk Truck was the dinner model.

With roof printing denoting the first 75.

And the MB1152 ’80 Porsche 911 Turbo as the dealer model. So yes, I think it is really cool that we have these permanent fixtures on the promotional list. These allow the team to really stretch their creative juices and come out with loads of ideas and create little miniature masterpieces. The thing is, I do see Mattel creations being an extension of these little marvels too, meaning more for more people. But we do get the occasional extras.

The MB1027 ’17 Ford F-350 Skyjacker Superduty was originally created in line with Skyjacker who created the real one for the 2016 SEMA show. When we eventually saw a basic range issue, the detailing had been cut down to accommodate basic range restrictions, but this original promotional issue saw full detailing all around including on the on the windows.

Even the spare wheel on the roof hot foil printed to match the rest.

We had JCCS giving us a few models sporting additional printing on them like this MB1023 ’70 Datsun 510 Rally which was used in the 2017 promotion.

The MB1205 ’16 Alfa Romeo Giulia saw 2 uses in late 2019, as aside from being the Toy Fair model, it was also a Christmas Dinner model for Mattel too.

And as I showcased earlier this year, the MB1230 ’20 Tesla Roadster was used to promote the planned move to recycled materials that Matchbox are going to move to over the coming decade. The point of all this is, nowadays Matchbox don’t have a lot of promotional models compared to how things were in decades past. But what they do have is top notch promotionals, where they can put everything into them. I enjoy this new style a lot. Few and far between, but such great little marvels when they appear, that I really look forward to them.

We have our regulars. Everett Marshall III creating a charity model each year for his Burns Foundation charity.

A second also for Breast Cancer Research.

Jim Gallegos gives us all a dinner model for the Albuquerque event each year.

With a treat for the early birds.

And a dealer model for each event as well.

We have an ongoing series of Toy Fair models.

And every now and then there are the random additional promotional item for us to look out for. Exciting stuff.

But of course I am leaving this bit to last. Dirk also provides us with models for the Modell-Hobby-Spiel each year.

Which recently expanded to also give us a dinner model.

As well as an early bird (or best buddy) model.

This also led to the rare special model too (which Jim also now provides, and for some stupid reason mine is still in the plexicase, again…. AAAAAAGH!). But we haven’t had the 2021 issue yet. Oh no, that is coming this weekend . You know what my next report will be showing off. So now this bring us to the last part of the report. As I said, no dive back. This week….

As was the case last year, we have an auction that runs until 2pm (European time GMT+2) Saturday October 2nd. This is to finish up before the convention dinner takes place later that day. This is Auction A and can be bid on by anybody worldwide. Remember it is in line with a convention in Germany so prices are all in Euros. For those attending the convention they will have their own intimate auction just for them. That will be Auction B. Us outsiders will not see them. After the convention finishes, Auction C will then go live for the world to join in again. This will run until Sunday October 10th at 2pm (European time GMT+2). Bidding increments are in €2 increments up to €20, then €5 increments up to €100. After that it will just be in €10 increments. They are “up to” bids, so if somebody bids €2 and another €6, they will be winning at €4, not at the amount they bid. Every evening Dirk will post an update each day at around 10pm (European time GMT+2) for each of the lots and emailing those who have bid already. Say 1 bidder put in a €100 bid and a second bidder puts in €130 on one of the lots. A third bidder comes along at €130 too, so Dirk will send different emails. The first bidder to say that the auction has reached €130. The second bidder has an email to say the same but they are winning, also noting in this case another bidder put in the same amount. The third bidder will get an email to say that although they are bidding the highest amount, another bidder got there first and is winning. It is strictly a first come, first served system. Whoever emails Dirk with their bid first will be the highest bidder if another comes along with the same bid. Dirk’s email (very important for this) is to send your bids. Please do not attempt to bid as a reply to this blog report. They don’t count! Only bids being sent to Dirk. So, on with the 10 auctions to bid on. As I said, they close at 2pm GMT+2 Saturday October 2.

Lot A1. Please remember to tell Dirk the letter and number of the auction lot.

Lot A2.

Lot A3.

Lot A4.

Lot A5.

Lot A6.

Lot A7.

Lot A8.

Lot A9.

Lot A10.

Good luck to all that place a bid. Next week I will be running through more German stuff along with a look at the convention models.

Which will get added to the promotional models we have seen already for the other annual events. I so enjoy these promotional models. I hope you enjoyed my little rundown of the recent one and remember, next week’s report will also drop just a little earlier than normal too. Then I return to my usual posting time. Have a good week everybody.

4 Replies to “Matchbox Monday (slightly early) starts promoting Leipzig with promos”

  1. I think these are some of my favorite Matchbox special promo models yet…and I’m not just saying that because they’re the newest! The three molds cover a decent range of what the Matchbox brand is about (work, rescue, speed), they have gorgeous paint and detailing, and two licensed and one originals casting showing what Matchbox is capable of.

    The MBX Rescue Dasher is a nice little unlicensed casting, but the chrome grille really brings it out, doesn’t it?

    Thanks for showing them off!

  2. Some nice models there though I’m unlikely to see any of them. I know they’re a different part of the organisation but I wish Mattel would put as much energy into getting decent distribution ofthe standard range as Abe and co put into these specials. Back in the real world I visited a Tesco today and – yay!!! they’ve had a new delivery! Of case F. So what happened to case E? Unless they slip in a batch out of sequence, only three out of the six cases will have been issued in the UK this year. That’s not proper distribution, Mattel, please do something about it if you really want to sell your product. I get the feeling that Tesco’s buyers, to whom Matchbox is very much a peripheral line amongst the thousands that they carry, have reduced their workload by ordering twice the quantities at half the intervals; that might work for non-changing lines but not for Matchbox where the range is issued in batches throughout the year. If between Mattel and Tesco they can’t arrange for all the batches to be distributed, perhaps they should find another distributor or re-start supplying the wholesalers. OK rant over, As for case F, the Defender should be the star but not helped by the over-dark windows, the Tesla roadster and Buick are nice, but the 34 Ford a bit underwhelming. But I think the Mini Cargo and the Garbage Scout will hang around for ages…

    1. Thanks for head’s up Mike G👍… Found some UK series 2 too. The UK distribution does need improving of the Mbx products. NOT just Tesco’s should be provided. This brand is needed and it would do very well. A UK promotion fair would be good too. Siku style book/catalogue with puzzles and colouring in pages for young. HGV real vehicles line to promote….. As for David tilley’s write up and pictures I enjoy reading too and thanks.👍

  3. There seems to be a basic mismatch in the distribution (apart from the problem of only one outlet); if MB build up the range as they used to, there’s a fair chance to find any one of the range as the months go by, even if they only emerge slowly. But instead Mattel started distributing in waves with a ‘get it while you can’ approach. That approach is fine if you keep up the distribution, but if the supply is only intermittent, then we have the present mess where half the ‘range’ never hit the stores. Bah. Mike G is absolutely right…put the same energy into distribution as into these specials which most mere mortals will never touch let alone own!

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