Lamley Daily: Matchbox 2010 5-pack ’71 Chevy Camaro

Model: Matchbox MB336 ’71 Chevy Camaro Z-28

Release: 2010 Classic Rides 5-pack

eBay link: Matchbox 71 Camaro

Why is it in the collection: Because I am dreaming of the day it returns

I still remember when I first saw this Matchbox casting. It was its first issue in the 1998 basic range in green with dual white stripes going over the top. It was freaking awesome! I had been a bit of a fan of Camaros, and the Matchbox ’85 IROC-Z was still one of the my favourites. The ’93 Z-28 and the 1997 issue of a classic ’69 Convertible didn’t quite do it for me the way the old IROC-Z did, but then this casting appeared. OMG! I loved it! I was so looking forward to seeing further basic range issues. Errm! I’m still waiting.

You see I live in the UK. The ROW basic range dropped the model immediately after the debut. Weirdly, so did the US range. But they brought it back as a US exclusive in 2000 in tan with dual black stripes. But that was it. Even for the US range. Why? I have no idea. Find a really, REALLY cool model and don’t use it. Sure there have been some premium issues too, but for the core ranges, there was nothing at all after the 2nd release.

In fact after 2006 it went very quiet. Until 2010, when it popped back up as a Lesney Edition premium issue, a promotional premium issue, and this awesome simple blue with silver stripes was included in the Classic Rides 5-pack. Proof that a core range can easily cope tampo-wise with this amazing casting.

As well as the dual stripes over the top it had a little simple side design too. But that was fine. It still looked amazing, and I was loving it. The model had returned. 3 issues in one year, oh this was it, they were going to start utilizing the casting again.

So I post this in the hope that somebody may remember that this casting exists, drags it out of mothballs, and gives it some more runs. I mean yellow with dual black stripes, black with dual white stripes, silver with dual black stripes, teal with dual black stripes, so many colours of real ’71s that have not been done. There is a gold mine of new variations just itching to be released. I really hope they get a chance to do it.

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