Hobby Japan 1/64 new model : Toyota GR Yaris

It was about time to write a little something about this new little sports car made by Toyota. It is the Toyota GR Yaris RZ GR-Four. GR stands for Gazoo Racing, ie Toyota Sport Department. RZ is the meaning of high performance. GR-Four is the brand new system of 4 wheels drive. That’s it for explanations.

Hobby Japan did a fantastic job with this GR-Four, and what is appreciable is they made it quick. It’s also an interesting foray of the brand into very recent cars. The Hobby Japan brand catalog being more focused on 90’s JDM cars. That is not to mention though the new Honda Civic, Alphard and Crown.

This little sporty city car is a very interesting creation from Toyota, directly inspired from their World Rally Championship experience. The chassis is directly derived from the WRC, such as the GR-Four system. It was called GT-Four back in time (and please see my recent article on the Celica GT-Four from Pop Race / Inno64 for that).

It’s a shame a Toyota GR Yaris WRC in a decent premium look doesn’t exist in 1:64. I know some Tomica but it’s more toy oriented. Let’s hope. For now, I am very pleased with my Spark 1/43 high end resin model.

The Hobby Japan mold is really impressive, and it confirms the brand is not here for joking. The angles of the car are very well represented, with this aggressive mean look. Black rims, perfect stance (the model rolls, but not the rally version because of the mudguards), fine and well inserted glasses. What I love the most is the front grill, ultra detailed with front radiator that you can see through. Wow. The Toyota logo is also very qualitative.

Find some on eBay.

What I love the least is the taillights treatment, only tampoed. Though the piece is complex and as usual, it is very hard to represent the led lights of recent cars in a smaller scale.

I bought these 3 models, that are RZ Performance models, in Emotional Red II and Platinul White Peral Mica. I do know a black version exists, but my seller did not have it. Which brings us to the traditional complaint of my Hobby Japan posts : the very BAD distribution … Don’t even think about a European distribution, I don’t know about USA … It’s a shame, we miss beautiful models. Hobby Japan, if you read, please do something about it !

Finally, I want to have a word on the Rally Concept version, which is very identifiable in Gazoo Racing colors. Mudguards are nice (even a bit strict, a smoother plastic would have been nice too), and if I’m not mistaking, they tooled a new interior for once with a roll cage. They get better and better I told you! Just wish to be able to buy the products without bankrupting me …

All in all, this GR-Four is quite unique in my collection, and I have no really equivalents. I did not want to miss it and bought mine on eBay.

What do you think about this new Hobby Japan ?


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  1. Hobby Japan looks like an amazing brand to collect; I really don’t know why I don’t know much about them. How do they compare to TLV, MiniGT, Kyosho or Tarmac Works? Do they roll?

    1. I would put them more on the level of Kyosho. The chassis are plastic, but the overall details of the castings are impressive. The GC Subarus roll with some assistance, but even on an decline, they wouldn’t on their own.

      The brand is producing some really great models and I’m looking forward to the Celica GT-Four.

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