Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Lancia Delta Integrale HF

Model: Lancia Delta Integrale HF

Line: Hot Wheels 2021 Mainline, 51/250 (Baja Blazers 6/10)

Ebay link: Hot Wheels Integrale

If it’s one thing Hot Wheels offer it’s the availability to put brilliant diecast in your hand for less than the price of a bottle of Coca-Cola. In the past few months collectors can go out for their weekly shop and come back with a pocket garage of cool: Impala SS, F-150 Lightning, Honda Prelude, Impreza 22B etc etc. And now there’s another one to add to your basket. The Lancia Delta HF Integrale.

The HF Integrale is a car that needs no introduction whatsoever. It has long been on the wish lists of many collectors, and the popularity of it has been easy to see, with collectors and customisers alike grabbing it eagerly. And I totally get why. For a car that can cost as little as £1, it’s a brilliant thing. For me it evokes memories of the Martini and Repsol clad Group A rally versions which I was just about old enough to be aware of, and of after school battles on Sega Rally, Colin McRae and V-Rally with friends. It’s a car with ageless popularity. A genuine hero car.

And Hot Wheels have done a brilliant job of replicating the Integrale. Proportions are bang on, the “El Segundo Rally” livery looks good and the tampos on the front finish the car off very well. The lack of the same treatment to the rear of the car is a bit of a shame, but I’m really not too fussed. There’s scope for premium versions, and I know there’ll be livery and wheel changes too, it’s crying out for a set of the mainline turbofan wheels! But just look at it. It’s already a star of 2021. And I got mine visiting my local supermarket to get bread….

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  1. Defintely one of my favourite hot wheels castings so far in 2021. It just looks right. Im hoping that like the volvo 850 estate, HW does the side graphics versions first and then release ‘clean’ versions later, preferably in yellow, red or a dark metallic blue. Cheers

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