The very well packaged Tofugarage Nissan Pandem R32, by Inno64

If like me you don’t know what Tofugarage is, I’m reassured. Will the guy say again “I love when diecast teaches me something on car culture” ? Nah. You already know it.

So, Tofugarage (if I understand what I’ve read), seems to be a seller of Rocketbunny parts for UE, based in Germany. How a R32 Pandem with Tofugarage deco ended in 1:64 made by Macau based guys, please don’t ask me. The only thing I see is we have a new R32 Pandem model and this is cool.

The packaging is very premium, and this is the first time I see such a thing in Inno64. I assume it is due to the kind of collaboration the model is. It comes in a cardboard box, opening like the Inno64 Resin model (feature coming soon). It’s a nice qualitative box like boxes of jewels or watches, containing the classic acrylic box with cardboard and the model. The design is elaborated, like always with Inno64.

The baseplate is also like other Pandem models, namely with the kind of metal aspect, with this time an inscription “Tofugarage” on it. Like engraved.

Enough about the environment, let’s closely look at the model itself. Well, Inno64 and the R32 is a love story, and we already know the Pandem R32 has been mastered (you can see my previous articles here). The Tofugarage deco is minimalist, but works really well. The calligraphy is interesting, and maybe we don’t need more. Toyotires sponsors are present on the glasses, spoiler and tires.

The tires are really nice, and are really big fat tires like the real one. The rims are specific too, in gold. I would have preferred them more brilliant. Other than that, white is a color that suits very nicely the R32, and I particularly love the rear, where the tiny circle red lights of the GT-R are enhanced.

This white and gold Inno64 gave me the idea to make a picture of 3 cars on the same “side”, and you can spot the recent Hakotora in it.

I also absolutely couldn’t resist this joke, because when I think about Tofu, I think AE86 and downhill.

Did somebody say Tofu ?

This Tofugarage being my last R32 to date, all molds confounded, here is a non exhaustive overview of some of my favorite models so far. The Mine’s R32 is still a favorite of mine, and I think the black and gold R32 Pandem is still my favorite too. I have some more models to find to fill the collection, but I’m not in a hurry. I wonder if the Inno team will make one or 2 Nismo stock R32 models like Mini GT did. I hope so. In the wait, you can still find this “collab” Tofugarage model (you can find some on eBay) to add to your collection and admire the delicate attention the designers gave to the box, and the model. Enjoy.


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