Review : Inno64 Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 “PANDEM”

I’m very excited about this one.

This is the first Inno foray into the Pandem world, and I have to say it is a good one.

Before we look closely at the cars, what is Pandem ? It is a brand name made by a company called TRA Kyoto , designed by Kei Miura. They propose body kits for many cars.

Body kits, tunning pieces and high end preparations seem to be very popular among the tunners world, and in the minicar world.

While Ignition models, Aoshima, Tarmac Works or Mini GT did replicate such kited cars, there was no reason Inno64 did not.

(Inno64 Pandem on ebay)

And it was a very good idea, because what they propose for the price is unbelievable.

Inno64 released not so long ago the Nissan Skyline GT-R R32, in sporty liveries (Mine’s, full carbon …) and racing liveries (Macau specials). The Pandem version could be considered as the third interpretation of the model from the brand.

For sure, the interpretation is good, as you notice at first sight the body kit. The car is wide. The body kit is nicely replicated with apparent rivets.

For an illustration of the kinds of body kits :

Secondly (you know I must say it), the car is low. The stance is good, and the tires are perfectly aboard the wheel arch.

The first color to the market is this mat grey paint, with orange interior. The contrast is very interesting, and details of the interior really remind me higher scale details minicars. Again, the amount of details for such a little car, and the tight price is amazing.

This mat grey Pandem is out now.

The other one is contrasting with a black gloss paint and gold features. Both have a roll cage, but rivets on the black one are less visible. What is not that bad because the wide aspect is assured by the gold line. This model is hitting the market.

What is shocking on the black version is the details of the rims. They are so shiny, and so much detailed. I don’t remember of a 1:64 car with such a high level of details on the rims. I’m looking around my diecast room while writing these lines, and except maybe Ignition models or short production runs in resin (that are twice or more the price of a Inno car), I don’t see what can rival. So, good job Inno.

One interesting thing to note is the quality of the stand, that is in a kind of nice metal texture (in relief), that matches quite good the spirit of the Pandem brand. The insert of the name is also a first one, and even if it is not a separate piece, it is very neat. What I’m not sure of is that if Inno abandoned the transparent stands, as I haven’t seen them in a while. I hope they don’t.

One last word before let the photos do the talking, look at the details of the exhaust pipe, with the touch of blue at the end of it. Man, this is cool.

I’m totally in those Pandem cars, and even if I’m not a body kit specialist, or a particular Pandem fan, I love having these in the collection for the quality of the execution. I also love the variety this steroids R32 brings to my GT-R collection. I can’t wait to see the chrome black edition.



(Inno64 Pandem on ebay)

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