The unbelievable Ferrari 250 GTO with Enzo figure, in light green.

I said I would not resist, and I did not. Here is another color variation of this crazy Ferrari 250 GTO with Enzo figure in resin (already featured in white here), this time in pale green #15.

They are absolutely the same, except the decoration and the place of the number and this one is limited to 699 pieces (while the white was only 399). The quality of execution is really close to madness. This one did not come with the Enzo figure, which is perfectly fine because there was only one Enzo …

I wanted the white very much, because it’s an uncommon color for a Ferrari, and as soon as I knew this light green existed, it was on my want list. I found it on eBay of course. I paid around 37$ for it, so don’t get fooled by crazy prices …

I won’t repeat myself (I suggest you to read my previous article), but I highly suggest you to grab one, whatever the color you like.

My light green brings me full satisfaction. I might be looking for a blue one now …


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  1. No where in this article is the scale/size mentioned. It could be anything from 3-inches long to 18-inches long, but we cannot tell from the article.

  2. Scale proportion in my collection is important even though it is impossible to get many things to scale as well as I want. I am curious about premium model scales relative to many of my hws. Some of my fav lamely articles show models from different mfrs to see quality and scale diffs. I assume my hw versions are scaled significantly larger, and not just the oversize wheels, than this very nice version.

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