The unbelievable Ferrari 250 GTO with Enzo figure 1:64

What the hell is that ? I still don’t really know. But I sure love it. The eBay listings say JEC 1:64, but there is nothing on the box. Neither any single word Ferrari on it. Is it licensed ? For sure it isn’t. The only Ferrari thing is the prancing horse on the front of the car, and the words 250 GTO.

The red cardboard just indicates 1:64. I’m not particularly comfortable with reviewing those unlicensed products, but in this case, I though I had to share this one, because of it’s uniqueness and the big “WOUAAH” it gave me when unboxing it. And of course because of the little Enzo figure, sitting on his chair. So cool.

I got mine from eBay, seller moxtoys, just under $50 shipped. It took just under 2 weeks to arrive from China to France.

The product is clearly premium with it’s premium display case, that is very thick, such as the transparent base. 2 little thin screws maintain the car.

The car itself is made of resin, like many ultra premium little savage productions like this, limited to 399 pieces. And when I say ultra premium, I have honestly rarely seen so many details and fine details on a 1:64 car, for a price around $50. Keep in mind it isn’t licensed, but this little piece of art is quite something. I have chosen the white one because I loved it, and because it was not a duplicate from one of my Kyosho collection (you know one of my collection rules to avoid having multiple replicas of the same cars).

You can spot many photo etched parts, from the wheels to wipers, exhausts to mirrors. Note also the very fine headlights and taillights. I also love the wood steering wheel. Speaking of the interior, I hardly can show it to you in photos, but it is clearly one of the best point why to get yourself one, with all it’s aluminum like parts and garnish.

With it’s ultra premium finish, this is clearly one to pair with my Timothy & Pierre Singer Porsche. Whether you like it or not, resin production can push the details and the precision of the lines very deep. Paints are not bad either. Those cars are next level. They remain rare, and expensive, but it’s enjoyable to have some in the collection.

In order to make it clear how this JEC 1:64 is in another galaxy, I put a Kyosho 1:64 Ferrari 250 GTO for a shooting – and I shouldn’t have done that. They are clearly not of the same era, and not in the same price range, but the main difference is clearly in the wheels treatment, and the exhausts pipes.

Our article will come to an end, but let’s have a look at what is the added value of this replica : the little Enzo figure. I don’t know how they came to have this idea, but it is damn cool. And for several reasons. First, it’s not a RWB or LB figure related. Second, “the old man” is so recognizable that it is too cool they have tooled it, with the big iconic sunglasses. Third, it is on a chair. Fourth, you can remove him from the chair and sit him wherever you like ! Like this :

Or even this :

As I said in my recent article Ferrari Dino 308 GT4, this little figure is transportable where you want. And it can highlight your getting old Kyosho Ferrari. Not sure the Commendatore would have had this casual style on the top of his cars, but we can dream a little, can’t we ?

I hope this little presentation will have entertained you, and you had some fun with my Enzo-sitting-everywhere. Let’s stay tuned for more reviews. Iv’ seen JEC has announced new colors for very soon, with the iconic blue with yellow stripe. Mmmh.


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  1. With regard to the GTO. The stance is wrong and the wheels to large. The 250GTO does not have a race. The Tyre to Wheel profile ration is not good. The panel lines and vent definition is not crisp. I prefer the Kyosho which is a much better and underrated model

  2. I have to say I find the PGM 250GTO a bit better though the wheel size looks off. I kicked around your idea of not buying resin if cars I already have. Definitely make things cheaper. Wish me luck

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