Schuco dropping the mic already in 2021…

As you may have seen, Schuco has revealed their upcoming 1/64 lineup for 2021. And man there is some awesome metal in the list, starting with these newbies:

A trio of 90s German Bahnstormers: an E36 M3, Porsche 964 and 993 in 1/64, not an RWB or Liberty Walk kit in sight, bone stock and all the better for it. And even though we can’t yet see the models themselves (these are sample pics from the company catalogue), I’m sure that these will absolutely fly off the shelves. I can’t wait to get my hands on them. A mix of Schuco quality and 90s cool is a surefire recipe for success. And there’s more new metal (and resin…) to get excited about….

Just look at them. How. Cool. And diecast? And you thought cool trucks were a Tomica and MiniGT thing? And the projected price of these big Mercedes trucks at €34.99 is an absolute steal for what I’m sure will be among the diecast highlights of 2021. And speaking of trucks, prepare for these two in Schuco’s new Pro.R64 line, but this time modelled in resin…

A steeper price is reflected in the low production numbers and an attention to detail only available with resin. And with a subject as unique as the Volkswagen T1 race transporter… will you find another one in 1/64? Also in resin is the stunning Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo.

Schuco are also adding fresh colours and twists to their already sterling line of 1/64s, starting with the very cool “Paper Box” line, adding a classic and super collectable touch to current castings with unique colour schemes. I look forward to the BMW 2002 and Mercedes 300SL especially.

Next up, more refreshing changes to some Volkswagen castings, starting with the “lowrider” version Beetle and T1. The Beetle looks fantastic rolling lower on Porsche Fuchs wheels and the T1 dropped to the deck with the classic Porsche Renndienst livery.

More VWs come in the form of a couple of T1 campers with folding roof up or down (plus classic teardrop caravan), a fresh colour for the VW Golf Mk1 GTI, a pair of wonderful looking T2 campers and a brilliant Feuerwehr livery for the T3 van.

I’m excited, my fellow Lamley brothers are excited, my collecting friends are excited. And judging by the explosion of social media posts, so are all of you. 2021 is set to be a very bright year for a very bright brand.

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(Find Schuco’s current 1/64 line-up on Ebay and at the brand store)

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