MG Minis Exclusive Auto World Trucks #freethepiecefriday

MG Minis makes some really cool exclusives, and this is definitely one of them. MG Minis does some very creative stuff with their exclusives such as mashing popular castings with some nostalgia like this one.

No doubt this will be hard to come by later on (it’s already getting difficult) as the two non chase versions (clean and dirty) are very limited to only 1248 pieces each.

By any brand’s standards that is a very low production quantity. This makes the Ultra Red chase limited to only 52 pieces… which is scary limited considering how popular this casting has become.

MG Minis provided me with the regular versions to showcase in a YouTube video, and my buddy @crazytodd_diecast gave me the chase as a Christmas present to complete my set.

I am a no holds barred loose collector so of course these were liberated from their packaging. Check out the video below as we #freethepiece on these very special MG Minis Exclusive Auto World Chevy Trucks.

MG Minis Exclusive Auto World on eBay

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