Why it is cool to complete your Inno64 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo III collection, ep.2!

Yep, I have already written here that it is cool to keep up to date your Mitsubishi Lancer Evo III collection by Inno64, and here is episode 2. It was time to make an episode 2 because a new color of this stunning car is available for January 2021.

The new color is metallic grey, with rims rims, red seats and additional extra wheels set and decals sheet. The Evo III is probably one of my favorite castings from this brand, and I don’t know if Fransisco from Inno64 did notice that, or if this sample was randomly sent (I prefer to think he did notice my love for the Evo III !). Anyway, the car is looking very good, and the combination of dark metallic grey – white rims – red seats – black base is too cool.

The wheels seem to be unseen yet on this casting, and if I may say something about them, I think they are a tad too wide. There have been such a wide variety of wheels for this casting :

The hood air intakes are also a new variation, and I’ve heard they differ because of the extra decals you can add or not. The black lines of the car are very neat, such as the paint job.

The red exclusive Philippines edition remains my all time favorite, with the ralliart deco close to it. I still have to grab a white version to be almost complete on this fantastic casting. You can easily find Lancer Evo III on eBay.

I’m very happy the Inno team brings back this casting from time to time, rotating between rally versions and street versions. And a very nice street and plain version like that is always welcome.


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