Lamley Awards 2020 : Willdiecast Top 10 of 2020

Here it is, the end of the year, and the awards, done by Lamley that I am very proud to be part of. Time flies, and a lot of path has been made since March and my join on the team.

John asked us to make our top 10 new models of 2020, and here is my take. It reflects of course my collection trends, that are JMD – premium models mainly, and here is the best way to say it again : what a JOY to be a collector in 2020. The choice of models is insane, and the quality always getting better.

So, here is the Top 10, ranked from number 10 to number 1, being understood that this order is not set in stone.

#10 Greenlight 1994 Ford Escort RS Cosworth

A Greenlight model hitting my Top 10, who would have believed it ? But, Greenlight did a very nice job on this one, and I’m sure I won’t be the only to one to enter this car in the top 10. It’s a Cosworth, the wing is cool, the color strange, the wheels hyper cool, and the model quite unexpected from a brand like Greenlight. So, in the top 10 for sure. And I prefer this road version better than the Rally Monte Carlo, even if the front headlight of the rally version is really a masterpiece.

#9 Autoworld Buick Estate Wagon

Of course an Autoworld had to come in my Top 10 models of the year, and what better than a big estate wagon with panel wood ? The car is big – so big that it doesn’t fit into my Autoworld display, what is not a joy – but I’m in love with Autoworld’s accuracy and care to details and scale.

#8 Tomica Limited Vintage Toyota Mark II 3.0 Grande G 1990

Tomica Limited Vintage, of course, with what I absolutely adore with this brand : stock Japanese vehicles that I couldn’t care less about (hello John), but whose execution is so amazing that it becomes a necessity to collect. And I love big sedan cars like the Toyota Mark II. The typically 90’s color is a must have for me. Top 8.

#7 Tomica Limited Vintage Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI 6 GSR

And another one, because this silver Lancer Evo 6 is just absolutely insane too, with it’s blue interior, and wheels configuration. Oh, and you know what ? TLV did the brake disks and calipers.

#6 Hobby Japan Honda NSX NA1 1990

This is THE brand I really discovered this year, and I wish to see more of, and above all I wish a better distribution in Europe. The Honda NSX is a new casting from some months ago, and let’s be clear : Hobby Japan is becoming a serious challenger in the game. Be prepare to see more and more Hobby Japan reviews on the blog (and also a lot of Honda NSX …).

The castings are very neat, the lines almost perfect, thought the cars are still a little sad, and the strict packaging is not helping. Let them some time. For now, it comes into my Top 10.

#5 Tarmac Works Huyndai i30 TCR

This is a very nice surprise from the guys from Hong Kong. And I cannot repeat it enough, keep doing what you the best : GT cars and TCR / race cars! The Huyndai is such a good choice, with a great execution. Rear wing, roll cage, color variations, even the display bases are cool. I want more of this.

#4 Mini GT McLaren Senna

In purple. With the Senna logo on the rear wing. And the yellow touches. And the black wheels. This car is a killer, and I’ve said it right away, this is my favorite Mini GT so far (well, maybe the Porsche Taycan will change it, but for now, the Senna is the winner). Mini GT is really pushing, and is very fun to collect. My dream as a collector would be Mini GT to add those tiny pieces which can really make a model : brake disks/calipers. Maybe not on every model of rims, but at least on the ones letting light to pass through …

#3 Inno64 Mercedes-Benz 190 Evo 2.5 16V Evolution II

Inno64 must have been on the podium for me, because 2020 is the beginning of a very nice story for me, where I am proudly featuring the new products of the brand here on the blog. But my love for this brand, it’s accuracy and incredible amount of details is beyond that, and all in all, this is my top favorite 1:64 brand to collect. The models focus mainly on JDM and Macau-vintage cars, and this is a great chance to have this brand to collect.

For once, I place this Mercedes-Benz 190E Evo 2 as one of my favorite models, cause the execution is almost perfect. It’s only missing the front headlight treatment in this vintage look, but other than that, it’s a winner. I changed the wheels, and my model is a kind of chase, because of the tartan interior.

#2 Inno64 Honda NSX Type R NA-2

I must admit I did not expect this car to be so good, neither to hit my top 2. The first color I had in white was very good, but here in orange, this is another level. White rims combo is perfect, such as the red seats too and the details on the engine … A very good way to celebrate the 30 anniversary of the Honda NSX. Thank you guys for this, and keep going. I’m very willing to see what 2021 will bring us.

#1 Timothy & Pierre Porsche 911 Singer with Surf Board

And the winner is … a resin model! I cannot describe how shocked I was when I received my first Timothy&Pierre. This is insane category, but I really mean it. It is a display model, on a leather base, and I have already reviewed the orange Targa Singer here. Plus, it was a very nice chat with Pierre (if you read), and I’m very willing to have more models in my collection.

Why this model in particular ? Because I love the 911 in coupe better than a Targa, and the color is amazing. And it has a surf board – a surf board. What can be more cool than a Porsche 911 with a Surf Board ? No doubt, this is my winner model.

So, here it is, for a very interesting diecast year. It is very promising for 2021, cause our beloved manufacturers are on the good way. There are very very much more cars in my collection that would have been eligible to this top 10, but the fact is you have to choose. And it’s hard. While I’m writing these lines, I have more cars on the way that might break this list, and I have received some new models too between the start of this article and the finishing. I’m talking about this NSX-R from Hobby Japan 1/64 looking at me with it’s red seats, that might be even better than the NA1 of #6 …

That being said, I wish to share with you my Top 10 new additions to the collection, in 2020. No matter the year of the model, it has to be a new addition. Something long sought after, or recent but that I’m happy to have in the collection, and that has been added lately.

#10 Hobby Japan Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV in Ralliart livery

I have already featured it on the blog, and you know I really love Ralliart deco on Mitsubishi cars. The white rims is also a must have. I just deplore the very standard interior, but this car is a winner for sure I’m happy to have in my collection.

#9 Mini GT Bentley Continental GT

It’s a special Bentley shop, in ice color (kind of grey), and the black treatment on the chromes and wheels really make the model. I love it, it’s big and I love this exclusive color.

#8 Timothy&Pierre Mini LB Works

You know I’m not an LB Works guy, but here we talk about execution. Plus, the livery is so iconic that I wanted this little sausage in the collection. I obviously don’t regret it, the details on these little resin models are …. pffffiouuu!

#7 Tarmac Works Volvo 850 T-5R Estate

I honestly did not expect this car to be so good. They nailed it and Tarmac Works can still surprise me, and that’s good news they still do little gems like that and not only RWB “things”. Great job, the choice of the casting is cool (we can argue if it’s following the Hot Wheels, yes), the stance is good.

#6 ? Ferrari 250 GTO with Enzo figure

I have also already written on this amazing piece made in resin, ultra detailed casting with Enzo Ferrari sitting on a chair. The model is kind of art (though the rear wheels are a tad too big imo), and I absolutely wanted this one in white, so vintage racing look. The manufacturer is probably JEC, probably not.

#5 Inno64 Honda Civic Si E-AT

For sure this one might be my favorite model of the Macau GP Collection set of 2020, because I love this Honda Civic generation, and above all the livery, that is the first one I have in 1:64 : LEYTON HOUSE livery !!!!! In this kind of Miami blue, it’s a total must have! The livery is full of history and so 1990’s, I am a big big fan on it. And I’m sure Formula one fans won’t disagree with me.

#4 Tomica Limited Vintage Honda Integra DA

The car is amazingly neat, and I’m absolutely in love with the quality of the paint. This blue color really something, love the wheels too. No doubt this car is a great addition to the TLV collection.

#3 Tomica Limited Vintage Honda Civic EF

I’ve said it right away : this Honda Civic in dark green will be an instant fave. Yes it is, the color is just what I like for a Tomica Limited Vintage (= what you will not see elsewhere). V-TEC inscription on the doors is a really nice detail too.

#2 Majorette Alfa Roméo Giulia

Here is THE surprise of the top 10. Majorette entering my own Awards, with the absolutely amazing Giulia casting. The work of Majorette is stunning for a €2.50 piece, details everywhere, full tampo work and very deep red color. I was shocked. It had to be here.

#1 Kyosho Ferrari 512 BB LM

Yeeeeessssss!!! Finally made it to have this Ferrari 512 BB LM in LeMans livery from Kyosho Minicar Collection in the collection for a decent price (under €30!). My love for this casting is real, and Kyosho did a very nice job back in time. I just did not want to spend over €60 or more in it, cause I have limits for 1/64 cars. This is my best entry of 2020, no doubt.

There it is, and it has to end, because if not, I will photograph my whole collection and this top 10 will never end. There is of course a lot of honorable mentions to be cited, and again, let’s take a second to say thank you to the manufacturers offering us such a nice variety of models, that we were far from having a few years back …



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