Lamley Daily: Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Honda Civic EF9 SiR II Group A (Plain Version – Hong Kong Exclusive)

Model: Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Honda Civic EF9 SiR II Group A (plain version)

Line: Hong Kong Exclusive

Ebay link: Tomica Hong Kong EF9

Sometimes in the diecast world, it’s hard to keep up. These days we are more than well served by a myraid of different brands. New releases, teasers, colour changes and more Gulf liveries, Chevrolet pickups and RWB variants than you can shake a stick at. It’s hard to keep up sometimes. Hence why I never even knew this version of Tomica’s beautiful Civic EF existed in the first place. But when it showed up on the Instagram feed of everyone’s favourite Toy Pimp, I had to have it.

The EF has a strong following as it is, and the Group A race versions are some of the coolest cars from the glory days of the JTCC. Some gorgeous liveries graced the Group A EFs. JACCS, Motul, RAZO, PIAA… need I go on? But Tomica have steered away from the brightly coloured warpaint for this release. They’ve gone for a very Gran Turismo “Black Cars/Stealth Model” esque plain black release. And it looks the bomb.

Using an existing casting with some small twists is a clever way to boost profits, but I’m really not complaining. In this case the handsome EF casting has been altered with the addition of centrelock Mugen MR5 wheels, a side exit exhaust, stripped interior with rollcage and a sadly rather clunky tow hook. The ride height also seems a touch on the high side but I’m a real fan of this casting. I can almost hear the high revving B16A buzzing away. It conjures up thoughts of old JTCC battles, days of Gran Turismo duels with friends and watching No Good Racing clips on YouTube.

I also suspected this was a trial version for a racing livery to hit and my suspicions were confirmed when Tomica dropped this on the upcoming releases list…

Mic drop moment huh? And I’m not even fussed it doesn’t seem that they’ve fixed the ride height or tow hook yet, damn what a looker! And what a livery to use, with lots of possibilities for the future. I can’t wait to see what other EFs are round the corner…

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