Lamley Awards Poll: What was the BEST & WORST Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt in 2020?

Welcome to the 2020 Lamley Awards!

It is time to vote. As we do every year, I will create polls for several categories, and the Lamley Readers/Viewers/Followers will vote. And after it is all said and done, we will unveil the winners – Viewers Choice and Lamley Choice.

There will be a cool addition this year, as the stellar group of Lamley Contributors are working on their Top 10 lists this year, from any brand, and will be unveiling those as well. That means we will see a lot more brands and interests covered. I can’t wait.

We start with Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunts. The polls for BEST and WORST of 2020 are below, as are the video showcase I did and – of course – photos. Review all 15, pick your Best and Worst, and vote. Only votes on the polls below will count.


The Supers in order of release:

7 Replies to “Lamley Awards Poll: What was the BEST & WORST Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt in 2020?”

  1. Nothing too inspiring this year with the STHs. I was not motivated to hunt for any of them or purchase on ebay. Based on pictures and video, I went with the R32 because it is a nice casting to begin with and the subtle details are nice. Color choice very interesting for a STH. Runner up is the Challenger Demon.

    Worst is the Pagani Huayra. A poorly done casting that never should have been considered for a STH. Quality of casting is the first criteria, and this one is bottom of the barrel. Looks like a face with its chin tilted up. Plus, something about the proportions fails to capture the shape of an exotic, making it look pedestrian even with the green paint.

  2. Best: unsurprisingly the Ford GT40. I think many Supers of this year were great but the GT40 really stands out as a “Super”. Add the fact that it was released right around the time the Ford vs Ferrari movie came out and you have a really special Super. The GT-R and Quattro are close behind because of full details and they’re are based on real life cars, but overall the GT40 takes the win.

    Worst: CR-X and Jeep, both. Hate the wheels on the CR-X and the paint on the Jeep. In general neither of them look pleasing to the eye.

  3. I voted for the Audi as best (maybe because I have one) but that GT40 is awesome. Worse to me was the RX-7. It has never been a let down and I own all releases except this one, dont want to. Didn’t even pick up the regular mainline.

  4. Great year for licensed cars.
    The best was a tough call for me. Nothing really jumped out at me as an obvious best, but it wound up being impossible not to give it to the GT-40.

    As far as worst, it was a bit of a toss up between the Stepside and the CRX. The truck is just kind of bland but I ended up going for the CRX and not because I don’t like the car or deco, but we need to make Mattel aware that white is not ok for a Super.

    The CRX still wouldn’t have beaten out the hover mode Delorean though.

  5. Now I tend to lean towards realism, so I prefer more realistically rendered premium releases to these unrealistic candy-colored-chrome Supers, but I’ll do my best to suspend that for this purpose. To be honest, I’ve always been a bit sour towards Supers. As something that has always been out of reach for your average dedicated collector with a full-time job, I just couldn’t get too excited. Cue 2020, my umpteenth year of collecting, and I find not only my first Super ever, but my second as well! Unfortunately, my first Super ranked towards the bottom of this year’s selections and is from a make that I can’t stand; Jeep. So my excitement in finding my first ever Super was greatly diminished by it being a car/casting I couldn’t care less about. My second Super however, was a real gem; the Audi Sport Quattro. I’ve loved Audis for most of my live and this casting is a great representation of the iconic rally champ; Ur Quattro.

    The Audi Sport Quattro, didin’t take the top spot for me however. That place went to the Ford GT40. I love the real car (honestly, an important factor when I judge “best of”), it’s a spot on casting and the clincher, its rendered in the iconic and much loved Gulf livery. My runners up are as follows:

    2. ’84 Audi Sport Quattro – so cleeeean!
    3. Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32) – great proportions and color combo
    4. Mazda RX-7 – really love this Renown-inspired argyle livery!
    5. ’17 Nissan GT-R (R35) – alternate Anniversary Edition!

    My choice for worst Super? It’s simple,what model would I least want to have in my collection? ’57 Chevy.

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