Lamley Mail Call: Y.E.S Mitsu Evo, Greenlight X LBE Exclusives Drag Mustangs, PGM RWB & More

Stuff arrives. A lot. Cool stuff arrives. A lot.

And I am left scrambling. There is so much cool stuff to show. To do videos about. To photograph. To write about. That is why I am so thankful for the current team of Lamley Contributors, who have a vast array of interests beyond mine, and do a fantastic job writing about and photographing them.

But time for a little catchup on my end. I started my second YouTube Channel, Lamley Live, to be able to show some of the variety of models that have arrived. I’ve done a few Mail Call videos, and here they are.

Y.E.S (Yo Engine Start) Mitsubishi Evo with replacement parts, and Flat Bed Truck. (Find them at Diecasttalk)

Next, the latest Midnight Drags Collaboration between Greenlight and LBE Exclusives, available at SURPLUSgoodies:

And lastly, from Mobile Garage in Hong Kong, the stunning RWB Porsche from PGM in China, among other arrivals:

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