Midnight Drags Pound the Pavement with Pony Car Pomp.

I don’t identify as a Ford guy, but please, bear with me and read on. I can guarantee you won’t find me repeating trite acronyms and tired insults of the Blue Oval. I am an all-inclusive car enthusiast.

Ever since Toys-R-Us went belly-up in the States, I’ve had to find other means of procuring Greenlight. Thankfully, I’ve been able to keep my habit fed through a few different online outlets. And while I don’t actively collect Green Machines, I was still looking for a substitute for the feeling of fingering through the pegs for the chance of pulling a chase. Enter a preorder group on Facebook – LBE Diecast. By ordering (err preordering) by the case through Tim, I once again have the opportunity for finding something I wouldn’t otherwise get without paying a premium.

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I really need to get myself a proper diorama for more accurate, real life photos.

Tim is a Ford guy. He’s released a handful of Fox-body Mustangs under the LBE (Little Bit of Everything) banner that have included notchbacks and hatchbacks in a variety of paint schemes. He’s also curated a continuing class of Fox-body exclusives called Midnight Drags. The most recent release is a Hitch & Tow collaboration between LBE and Town & Country Toys.

As much as I love all things automotive, I never considered myself a truck guy. However, there are a few monumental occasions in my life that have tugged on my truck strings. The Dodge Ram in Twister? Yeah, great product placement for a newer model, one that I’ve wanted ever since watching that fantastic (yes, fantastic) flick. The single-cab, short bed GMC dually from Free Willy? Why hasn’t Greenlight done this yet? The first-gen Super Duty Powerstroke diesel dually that my uncle drove my cousins up from Florida in? Yeah, Racing Champions has an awkwardly proportioned version, so again, another one Greenlight should produce.

Where was I?

Oh, right. Duallys* and drag racers!

*if anyone has documentation for the proper plural of dually, please share!

Over the course of a few months, I stood by the sidelines as the project progressed. Tim kept the group apprised, from the excitement of the licensors’ approval to the frustrating shipping delays. And finally, the time to fulfill the sold-out preorders had come.

I still can’t articulate the reasons I never considered a preorder. However, once the finished product arrived at Tim’s “warehouse” and he presented the extras to the group, I couldn’t help but reply to the thread “one of each, please and thank you.” A few days later, the pair arrived at my house.


This is the first release of the F-350 in Platinum trim, and it’s featured in either black or pearl white. The three-piece set also includes a matching gooseneck trailer and a ’92 Notchback in either pearl white or lime green. It’s an instant Friday night test and tune diorama, if you’re so inclined.

But wait, there’s more.

Jimmy from SURPLUSgoodies sent along two complementary singles in the Midnight Drags series – the ’87 Notch in both Midnight purple and a Tangelo orange. While they are similar to those in the H&T, keen eyes will notice the sponsor stickers on the front fenders and the drag wing hanging off the back. The Missouri license plate reads ‘S2’ indicating this isn’t Tim’s first run down the 1320.

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Other tampo passes separate the two versions from one another. Also, while it doesn’t mention it on the packaging, each color is limited to just 1,440 pieces, with Green Machines coming in at just 192.

I had one comment on a different post saying my review read almost like a car magazine article, which is appreciated, and not surprising as I’ve scribbled my fair share over the years. With diecast writing, I enjoy the challenge of trying convey the smaller details of a scale model without having the experience of firing up the tiny engine or running your fingers over the interior materials. And when it comes to premium diecast, you’re not running down the orange track to measure performance, either.

So with that, you’ll be relieved to know Tim didn’t settle for the cheap plastic chassis of the Dually Drivers F-350. Both trucks are rolling diecast over diecast and are better for it. I understand Greenlight needs to keep costs in check, but I would rather pay an extra dollar for the added heft of the metal base.

The gooseneck trailers are also well detailed and feature a top-mounted spare tire, an adjustable neck and moveable kickstands. I will say though, I find the ramps to be very finicky, unless I’m just trying to attach them the wrong way. Any tips are greatly appreciated.

The cars themselves display very well. The paint is clearly a premium application without being too thick. The drag slicks and skinnies pair perfectly for these purpose-built holeshots. And you can’t ignore the cowled hood, either. Underneath is a V8 that holds nothing back when it comes to trapping the fastest speed and time. Although given the lack of a roll cage, they can’t be too fast, ha.

Regardless of where you find yourself on the automotive spectrum, these LBE Exclusives would make a great addition to your collection for a multitude of reasons. Whether you’re a Ford guy, a drag racing fan, or someone looking to add a bit of variation to your diorama, these pieces will be guaranteed enjoyment. And now that I think about it, wouldn’t being an ‘al-inclusive car guy’ make me a Ford guy ipso facto?

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