Lamley Daily: The Original Hot Wheels Fox Body

Model: Turbo Mustang

Release: Hot Wheels 1982 The Hot Ones

Ebay link: Hot Wheels Turbo Mustang

Why I am featuring it: The Foxbody (third-generation) Mustang is undoubtedly popular among a subset of collectors. This is the first Hot Wheels iteration of this era of Mustang.

Hot Wheels debuted the casting in 1980 with this same deco. This one however is the Hot Ones release from 1982 featuring “The Hot Ones” wheels. The casting was used from 1980 to 1985 before it was shelved and subsequently retooled for the 2013 Cool Classics series.

There was another 3rd gen Mustang tooling that came out in 2008 which was the ’92 Ford Mustang. I actually like this older tooling better than the newer one. There are some cool features to how it is constructed that I appreciate. First off it is heavy for a little car due to its metal base. Second I like how the grill and taillights are made up of the same plastic piece that makes up the windshield. This plastic piece also makes up the molding of the car separating the top body piece from the bottom/base. That is a really clever use of that part to create more detail without using a tampo.

Now that I’ve taken a good look at this casting I sort of want to find another variation or two. Also, I’ll have to look and see if I have the Cool Classic release somewhere.

I hope to see the retool of this casting get used again… maybe in a Target Retro series?

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