Hobby Japan Honda Civic EG6 SIR-II, in black

Yep, another Hobby Japan piece. This is a model I bought recently on Tiny.hk, and I’m happy I did because this model is hard to find now (at least at a decent price). I recall that a Hobby Japan car should be priced around 20-25$. You can find some on eBay.

Even though the black color wasn’t my first choice, I love it cause the pictures are fine in the studio. It’s amazing to see how the Civic modelcars are almost immediately sold out or must haves. And go high in price. What’s happening with this car ?

This model of an EG6 SIR-II is in a quite common look. What I absolutely adore is the wheel treatment, with those hubcaps that are so 90’s and so Honda and so Civic. Oh, and the purple/blue interior too. In a way, and I promise I try not to compare the 2 brands on purpose, Hobby Japan reminds me Tomica Limited Vintage. Not only because they are Japanese brands, but because half of each release are purely stock vehicles (and the other half customized versions, with after market wheels). Tomica Limited Vintage remains the king of stock minicars, but HJ angle is interesting too. For once, I took pictures of the 2 manufacturers. To me, there is clearly a winner. The accuracy of the lines of the TLV might not be as good as they are supposed to be.

Tarmac Works also did a nice Civic EG6 (one of their very first models I believe), with nice rounded lines. In my opinion, wheels are maybe a bit large. But it’s a nice model I wish we see more often.

All in all, I love my slowly but surely growing collection of Hobby Japan, that I would like to be easier to get. Future releases with the upcoming NSX R-GT are for sure little gems I won’t miss. Stay tuned! Cheers.


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