Matchbox Monday (slightly early) Part 2 – Leipzig, Germany (& auction)

Well if you read last week’s Matchbox blog report, you will know that this is coming.

We are just coming off the back of the latest Leipzig Matchbox convention that took place this weekend, and as such are just beginning the final part of the auctions. Although Modell Hobby Spiel was cancelled, the convention still took place for a small group of people. Dirk Schleuer was also still able to present people with the promotional models made by the Matchbox team. Sadly, with production running so close to time, and shipments getting from Thailand to Germany then on to me, they arrived with me just as I was finishing this report up to post. but I didn’t want to delay getting the report out because at the end you will find the part C auction lots which has now gone live.

But back to the convention models. They are phenomenal! I will be taking photos straight away, and you know what? Matchbox Monday has a small addendum, and finishes up back in its usual place with my own run down of this year’s models tomorrow. So come back then for another little report. In the meantime, Dirk did send me some sneak peek pictures of this year’s covention models, and they are being shown a bit later on in this report. That is, after I build up the tension by showcasing all the previous Mattel made Leipzig examples.

Now Dirk does also create many additional models, on a code 2 type basis (some do now refer to it as code 3 as code 2 is a bit of a grey area nowadays), taking existing models and including additional tampo printing as promotional tools for the events.

Some models may be from the current range of the year, but in the case of the MB405 VW Delivery Van, it was actually a 2002 Stars of Germany issue that was used as one of the models in the 2007 event.

Sometimes he will also update the colour on a model (this MB729 started out as an orange 2014 basic before being dyed brown for the 2015 event).

He does do some cool Porsches. Really he does!

Plus he has various other items of merchandising made too. Pens, mugs, plenty of things on offer. He does go all out for the event.

But in 2006, he also had something unique. A code 1 Mattel Matchbox made convention model. In this case, it was the MB683 Mercedes-Benz CLS500 which had only just debuted that year in burgundy. It was a brownish sort of grey featuring the Modell Hobby Spiel logo on the rear boot (or trunk for some).

As well as simple front and rear detailing. This would be the only code 1 produced model for a few years as in 2007 and 2008 Dirk did not get any made.

But in 2009 Dirk managed to set up a more regular issue of a code 1 model for the Leipzig event. That year, the brand new (at the time) MB760 VW Karmann Ghia Type 14 was created in metallic green for the event.

Again the Modell Hobby Spiel logo was on the rear, and the front and rear license plates denoted the dates of the event, among the rest of the highly detailed tampo printing. It even featured whitewall tyres too.

In 2010 the MB799 ’69 Volvo P1800S was chosen as the model for the event. Again it was a vehicle that had only just arrived that year. This one was simply a high premium level of detailing and the license plates had Leipzig 10 on them.

The reason this particular issue did not have Modell Hobby Spiel on it anywhere was due to the model actually being a dual-promotional model. A different blue one (with alternate license plate) was used at another convention that year too. The only difference was the license plate itself (as well as the colour).

Unfortunately, Dirk was unable to make a model for the 2011 event, but it returned in 2012. The MB843 Seagrave Fire Engine was a brand new casting that year, and a total of 3 different promotions were made for it. However, all 3 featured unique door detailing and their respective logo on the front of the model.

In this case, the Modell Hobby Spiel logo on top, and the crest, Leipziger Messe logo and No 10 on the door were unique to this model. It was also the only gold one (one was dark red, the other white).

In 2013 we saw another Karmann. The MB883 VW Karmann Ghia Type 34 was chosen as the promotional vehicle this time. As with the others released to date, this was a brand new casting again at time of release. It featured the Modell Hobby Spiel logo and Leipziger Messe on the rear.

Just like the other Karmann, this too sported whitewall tyres and a highly detailed printing. It also sported the 60th Anniversary logo on the side too as Matchbox were busy celebrating their 60th that year.

In 2014, it was the turn of a BMW. It was also the first year that a brand new casting was not used. the MB893 BMW 1M had debuted in 2013. But, in a very unusual twist, BMW requested that they change the name of the model to M1 after that, so in a funny sort of way, it was the first year of the BMW M1. I still call it 1M, as I tend to stick with debut names. Easier to keep track.

This was an extremely well detailed model, and even sported window printing. The Modell Hobby Spiel and Leipziger Messe logos were on the rear, and the model was taking inspiration from the racing BMWs of the 1970s in its design.

Vehicles like this for example.

Sadly, due to a timing error, we had no 2015 model, but it was back for 2016. And again, it was a BMW. This time the MB966 BMW M5 Police. Or should we just say M5 with roof lights? As this clearly is not a police car. The M5 sported the Notarzt theme (emergency paramedic/doctor).

Although sneaking in a small Matchbox logo on one side, the model did not feature the Modell Hobby Spiel or Leipziger Messe logos. It simple had a German license plate denoting the year on it.

This is how the real vehicles tend to look.

But the following year, things changed dramatically. We didn’t just have one model made for the event. There were 3! In 2017 the MB1056 Mercedes-Benz G63 6×6 debuted. The first new Merc model in a number of years. It was a big deal, as Mercedes-Benz had not been seen in Matchbox circles for a number of years, but this was the start of a brand new closer relationship. It even sported a double-casting. Core ranges would see no interior, and as such the window would be darkened to not see inside. But premiums would feature an additional interior piece and a see-through window. However, regardless of whether it has an interior or not, it is still MB1056. But this time there would be 3 different issues.

The biggest difference to note is how the bonnet or hood (depending on what you call it) looks.

The standard show model (300 pieces) also featured the Leipziger Messe name and logo on the rear side doors, as well as the logo itself in the middle of the bonnet/hood.

But if you were an attendee at the convention you would also see a tweaked convention model. The first 75 (the early birds) had a blank bonnet/hood.

Where the rest of the models saw a more detailed bonnet/hood.

An easy way to remember the order is that the more tampo printing there was, the more that were made.

In 2018 though, they took it a stage further. We had 4 models! This time they were actually the first we had seen of a brand new MB1195 ’15 Mercedes-Benz G-Class casting. Not to be confused with the MB1109 ’14 Mercedes-Benz G-Class that had been around for a short while in the Jurassic World series (it has a bullbar on the front as the most noted difference), Matchbox came up with a second version of the casting. It was supposed to have debuted in a Walmart exclusive Mercedes-Benz themed series around the same time as Leipzig, but that was held off, only turning up in a later 5-pack in early 2019. So these were the debut of this casting.

There are 4 different models, and all feature the exact same tampo design. But this time, the difference was down to what colour they were. The yellow was the show model. Again a 300 piece run for the Modell Hobby Spiel itself.

If you were to attend the convention though, this time the 75 early birds received a silver example.

The other 175 were in green.

But we also saw an extremely rare 1 of 25 example in pink. Dirk calls it the ladies car, because this was designed to be given to the ladies who help him set up and run the convention.

They make for a very nice quartet.

In 2019 we saw another set of 4. This time, the MB1184 ’65 Land Rover Gen II Safari was chosen. Now this model, unlike the Merc 6×6, does not feature a dual casting with regards to the interior. It does not feature one. But what it does feature is the ability to remove roof items and mix them up with the MB1035 ’59 Chevy Brockwood Wagon, MB1076 Trailer Trawler, or just with itself (the Land Rover came with 2 different roof pieces in regular use). However, these promotional models were not done in a way to mix and match, so the accessories chosen in these cases were glued in place. Dirk had chosen this model specifically due to rekindling childhood memories.

Just like in 2018, the show model was yellow. Again, limited to 300 examples.

You might have noticed that on top of previous issues, the latest one was sporting 2-part rubber wheels. Until now all promotional models for Leipzig simple had standard plastic wheels.

For those attending the convention, the 75 early birds saw a white version, not silver as seen the previous year.

But the other attendees did still see a green version. This was the only one not to sport a kayak on the roof. This featured the “classic” Land Rover roof luggage component. It was a nod to the old Lesney Land Rover Safari which featured a very similar roof component.

The ladies model limited to 25 examples this year was in blue.

A much more rugged look to 2019.

So over the years we have seen a number of vehicles. We have also seen a few returning manufacturers. Like seeing 2 different Karmanns (the only VWs too).

Or perhaps a pair of BMWs too.

We have even seen a trio of Mercedes-Benz vehicles too.

But this year does see a new issue. One that I am extremely happy to see. Not that I am biased or anything, but it is my favourite car. And it is the first time we have ever seen….

A Porsche! Woohoo! Love Porsches. Dirk has not had a Porsche done for the event before. This is the MB1152 ’80 Porsche 911 Turbo. Debuting in the 2019 Superfast range, this is a high spec premium model in the fact that is contains opening doors too. And the convention models are full-on premium.

The show model is orange, not yellow. Again limited to 300 examples it is the easiest of the 4 to obtain, if 300 examples is referred to as common. As I said, my examples to showcase have only just arrived and once this goes live, I will be quickly photographing and setting up an addendum report which goes live at the usual Matchbox Monday time tomorrow. But in the meantime….

Pictures coming from Dirk of the 1 of 300 example in orange. As all the models do, this is affixed inside a plexi-glass case.

This is the show model for the event. As said, it is in orange and Dirk was influenced by this….

A real Porsche from that era that sported a triple set of wavy lines over it. The convention models took this as a starting point and all came with their own spin.

The orange has blue, red and yellow stripes.

For the convention itself, the standard issue is in white, limited to 125 examples.

This one is sporting grey and black striping.

But with all convention attendees being classed as early bird (if you were to use 2019 as an example), the more limited version needed a different spin. So this year, Dirk has come up with the “best buddy”.

So, for those attendees that came with a partner or a friend, they will receive this second black example with grey, red and yellow striping which is limited to 75 examples.

Finally, as we have seen these last 2 years, there is the ultra rare 1 of 25 pink.

The ladies car, as Dirk calls it, this is for those who help him to run the event. This one features grey, dark pink and white stripes. I will go more into these in my small additional report which you will see tomorrow. For more information on obtaining some of these please contact Dirk at which will be the same email as for the next part.

As I will finish up by letting people know that there is a new Leipzig based auction that will run for the next week. It is just going live now for 1 week, and will close at 2pm Central European time (GMT +2) on Sunday 11th October. So you have 7 days to get any bids in. As with the Porsches, for information on how to bid and get your email on the list, please contact Dirk at for your virtual paddle. As I mentioned before, the bidding is on a first come first served basis and is in Euros. So if 2 people send in an identical amount the person who emailed theirs first will be the holder of the high bid. Again Dirk will send out a daily reminder of how high bids have got, and if there are people who bid the same as somebody else did earlier, the later bidder will be sent a separate email to let them know. So on to the lots….

C01 – now we can see the model. It is no longer a mystery as it was on the first auction.
















C17 – note this is the updated casting re-copyrighted in 2019




So that is the set of 20 auctions which will run for the next 7 days. If you are looking to bid (as I am) good luck. Unless you are bidding against me, then noooooooo!!!! And as I said, this blog report will finish Monday morning like it usually does with a final look at the new promotional Porsche 911 Turbos for this year’s event. So until tomorrow….

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  1. Just an idea, but is there a chance you could explain what code 1, code 2, and code 3 models ment and maybe a little history on it in a blog sometime?

    1. It’s pretty easy. Code 1 means a model is as produced by the factory. Code 2 is altered after leaving the factory but with the approval of Matchbox. Code 3 means altered after leaving the factory without the approval of Matchbox.

  2. The Volvo P1800S is one of the best castings they’ve ever done. A favorite of mine along with the Miura. Excellent proportions and very close to true 1/64 scale.

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