The Fast and the Furious gets animated with new Spy Racers Command Hauler

Hot Wheels has been going full-throttle with the Fast & Furious brand for several years now, but there has been one major thing missing from the line: playsets. Half of the fun of Hot Wheels is actually playing with the Hot Wheels — and now you can let your little one open up their imagination (or your imagination for that matter) with this all new Fast & Furious Spy Racers Spy Command Hauler.

Buy the Spy Racers Command Hauler at Wal-Mart

This new hauler playset is one of two new products coming out from the Spy Racers line, with the second being a Drag Race Eliminator track set. I saw this online a few weeks ago and was surprised to see it for sale before it was officially released in the States…but hey, I’m not complaining!

The hauler is rather large and measures about six Hot Wheels long (what better way to measure a Hot Wheels than with more Hot Wheels, right?). It comes with most of the stickers already applied, but does have five smaller stickers for you to stick on — also included is a mainline version of the Ion Motors Thresher (one of the best looking animated cars ever).

This thing packed full of features and built-in actions. Starting from the front, you’ll notice an orange tab on top of the hauler that triggers some pop-out machine-style guns from each side. Sliding the button back also hides them again.

Directly behind the orange tab hides a rotating turret that has space for a vehicle. It rotates manually so no fancy buttons here, just some good old fashion finger work.

Just a few ticks behind the turret is a small black sliding button that really brings the hauler to life. A quick jab of the button pops the sides open to reveal the inner workings of a functioning Spy Racers’ headquarters.

The back is loaded with vehicle-based stations: from tune-ups to weapons reloading, the “trailer” of the hauler is where the action is. Let’s dig in deeper and see what this beast has to offer.

Starting with the main section of the trailer, you’ll find an entry ramp, parking, and an elevator attached to “Tony’s Dyno Tech. Center” that lifts a vehicle to the roof.

Drive past the dyno lift and you’ll find a ramp that sends a car straight out the nose of the hauler. The ramp is STEEP, so cars come out at a very Fast & Furious pace.

The driver’s side of the hauler holds two stations: Layla’s Weapons Bay and a diagnostic terminal. Both have moving parts, with Layla’s station having a moving yellow scanner, and the diagnostic station a rotating machine with what looks like a large, Tesla-style electric plug on it.

The passenger side is equipped with a three-speed launcher that has a track attachment on the end to expand the play area and some old school, TRON-looking vehicle renders on the wall.

Once closed up, the hauler does roll and doubles as storage for a few cars while in hauler-only mode. The rear loading door opens to a ramp where the cars can be stored too.

I’m really digging this playset and love that Hot Wheels has expanded the Spy Racers line beyond cars and into action sets — hopefully this means we’ll see more Hollywood-centric play and track sets coming at some point!

*Crossing my fingers for a Back to the Future playset, 1966 Batcave playset, and a proper Fast & Furious Charger/Supra train crossing track set*

But until we get some more rad Hollywood-themed playsets to review, check out the Command Hauler unboxing video below to keep that high-octane blood flowing 🏁

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