Lamley Daily: AutoArt PT Cruiser

Model: Chrysler PT Cruiser

Release: AutoArt 1/64

Ebay Link: AutoArt PT Cruiser

Why I am featuring it: Ahh the PT Cruiser… with looks you either love or hate. I’m trying to remember what my initial reaction to this Personal Transport vehicle was when I first laid eyes on it. It came out the year after I graduated high school. I want to say I liked it when I first saw it… now may be a different story. The neo-retro design just doesn’t pass the test of time for me. This vehicle does have a bit of a cult following though and some people still really love it. It’s dramatic styling and popularity make it significant so naturally it is nice to get an accurate 1/64 scale model. Johnny Lighting makes a good PT Cruiser but I think the AutoArt is the best.

AutoArt made some really nice 1/64 scale models. Some are pretty difficult to get low prices and that is if you can find them. The PT Cruiser is one of the cheaper ones and they seem to be available on eBay almost all the time. It is notable though that some AutoArt models have both rubber tires and inserted headlights while this one does not. The wheels look great even though they are plastic. Also, the printed details for the headlights look decent.

Overall this is a great model for dioramas. It is a common vehicle and it looks to be accurately scaled.

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  1. The AutoArt 1/64 models started my road down of truly collectible cars. But once they passed the sports cars I tapped out on them. SO this nver made it to my collection. I looked at getting one of these as a real car since I like the small car/van concept. But after driving one as a rental it was a hard pass. I think the Chevy HHR is a better design.

  2. Lol that’s literally the car I learned to drive in, same color too. Parents had it, and I actually liked it for an econo-box. That poor little thing went through so much due to me being a ridiculous teenager, but it took every bit of it and never complained. Good memories!

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