Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Saturn Ion

Model: The Saturn Ion Quad Coupe

Release: Saturn Dealership Promo

Ebay Link: Hot Wheels Saturn Ion

Why I am featuring it: Here’s an odd one for ya. I did not even know that Hot Wheels made a Saturn Ion until an older collector at one of my local meets had two for sale on his table. I paid $5 for them and judging by the sold listings on eBay, I got a great deal.

This was a dealership promo that was released in 2003 along with the GM compact car from the now defunct Saturn brand. The casting was only released a couple of times and all were some sort of multipack except for this release. Also this is the only one worth getting in my opinion as all of the other releases have wacky graphics.

I actually think this release looks cool and it is a great addition to a Hot Wheels collection. It has details in the right places (front and rear) and the wheel choice is decent. Also, it is not likely that this casting will ever get used again so this is it if you want a good example of it.

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  1. I’m lucky to have one myself. I bought it at a car show with tons of toy vendors a couple years back. I actually really enjoy this casting. It’s too bad the brand suffered and they’ll never use this casting again.

  2. I have the Saturn in a different colour, think it may have been part of a 5 pack. Anyway, races it in a tournament of manufacturers that hot wheels have only visited the once, it didn’t do very well!

  3. A great looking, well executed casting of a car I couldn’t care less about. This release seems vaguely familiar, though if I do have it, I’m not sure where I would have acquired it. At a car show perhaps?

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