Lamley Daily: MINI GT Bentley Continental GT

Model: Bentley Continental GT


ebaylink: MINI GT Bentley

The 1/64 Bentley Continental GT Grand Tourer release is another good call by MINI GT and open up another variety to add to your MINI GT collection. This Continental GT features clean, superformed lines and a wide low body which is beautifully replicated from the 1/1.

The quality Orange Flame body color in pearl and high gloss finish looks premium and also a very nice variation together with the Sequin Blue and 2020 Pink Toy Fair edition. The Bentley branded wheelsets that rolls extremely well looks very realistic. Without doubt MINI GT invested a lot of efforts onto the fine details in this casting that showcase its “sportiness” and luxury in every angle when comes to diecast photography at a very affordable price tag.

Add this luxury grand tourer to your MINI GT collection today!

Stay tuned for the next feature meanwhile you can find Hot Kustoms in IG or you can check out my unboxing video.

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