Lamley Daily: Zee Toys “Hot Foot” Firebird Monster Truck

Model: “Hot Foot” Firebird

Release: Zee Toys Renegades

Ebay Link: Zee Toys Renegades

Why I am featuring it: Well, this thing is wild. Admittedly I really do not know much about Zylmex (Zee Toys) and I did not know that this existed until it was gifted to me from a friend. I have a couple of old Zee Toys cars floating around in my collection somewhere but they all have some playwear. This one was a blister pull so it is in perfect shape. It was gifted to me because I collect Firebirds. This is definitely a weird one so I thought it would be interesting to feature here.

I’m a fan of the third gen Firebird so why not have one in monster truck form? The interior of this beast is part of how weird it is. It has four engines and one seat behind them… realistic? not at all… but I think it is cool and it is one of those oddities in my collection that I will hold on to for a long time.

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