Who knows this 50 years old Citroën called GS ? Meet the Norev 1:64

If somebody had told me one day I would be a Lamley writer, I wouldn’t have believed you. But as far as I know, I am writing on Lamley blog.

If somebody had told me one day I would have in my collection a Citroën GS in 1:64, I certainly would not have believed you. But as far as I know, I have it just in front of me while writing this article.

One would say that Citroën GS has already been tooled as one of the first Majorette in the early 70’s, (a piece I’m still missing in my one-tooling-of-each-Majorette collection), or by Norev Mini-jet, but we speak here of a model car freshly made in the 21st century in strict accuracy.

My point is more “how a manufacturer can be interested in making a replica of this old Citroën that many did not care about for so many years, here in 2020”.

One answer might be : the Citroën GS is a french car of the 70’s, and it is its 50th birthday this year. The car was honored by Citroën in the vintage car show “Retromobile” hold in Paris a few months ago, that I was pleased to attend.

To mark the occasion, Norev tooled this little GS for Citroën, and no doubt we will see the GS in the mainline in a few months, hopefully in a new color. You can find some here on eBay.

Speaking of colors, I did not buy the light blue one (still wondering why, maybe because of my new rule of one color max per new casting, but it’s a fail as I bought the 3 others : beige, yellow and red).

In my opinion, only Norev can go so deep in french car culture, at least at this scale, and in 2020. And that’s so cool. The GS was a very common car in the 70’s. Citroën sold 2.5M cars (!)

Norev execution is close to perfection. The line respected, the front headlights are well executed, colors are fine, interiors are painted in these 70’s fashions.

I can only regret that Norev didn’t put rubber tires on these (it’s plastic), and that taillights are non-rapported pieces.

But overall, the execution is really nice for €5.

This red version (that I might like the most) is certainly the most uncommon one, in real life.

For last year edition of Retromobile, Citroën asked Norev to make another iconic Citroën of its time : the CX. It was bigger and more presidential (french readers will understand ;-). The GS was considered as a “little CX”.

So it’s so fun to put your GS and your CX side by side and shoot them. Have a look at my friend Alex article on old big Citroën too!

I also made myself a little pleasure last day, and couldn’t resist to buy a 1:18 version of the GS, still made by Norev, allowing some nice photo shoots :

This little frenchie is available ion Citroën lifestyle website, and maybe eBay too.

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  1. My girlfriend’s parents had a blue one and I got to drive it occasionally, ca. 1982. The brakes worked more like an on/off switch, the single-spoke steering wheel was sublime, and the Eye-of-Cyclops speedometer was straight out of a science fiction movie.

  2. I was raised in Argentina, and during my childhood and my teens years most of the cars people had were Peugeot, Renault and Citroen. I wish Norev would make 1/64 models of the Renault 12, the Renault 18, the Renault Fuego (!), or the Peugeot 504 or the 505, for instance. One day…

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