Unboxing a Pair of M2’s Latest Gassers

Whether you like them or not, gassers are among the hottest of the hot right now. Between gassers, square bodies, and RWB/LBW cars, the diecast world has never been more full of wallet-slaying castings. Hot Wheels has reigned supreme in the gasser world for some time now, but will newcomer M2 dethrone the mighty Mattel offerings? Check out this unboxing video of the M2 ’57 Chevy Bel Air and ’67 Nova gassers and let me know which brand’s gassers you prefer down in the comments.

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5 Replies to “Unboxing a Pair of M2’s Latest Gassers”

    1. It’s hard to beat HWs’ rubber selection. The old-school cheater slicks on some of the gassers are magnificent!

  1. I agree that hot wheels gassers have their place, but for the sake of realism, I obviously prefer M2, but that’s their void to fill. So each definitely have their place, and I will continue shopping both brands and buying everything I like.

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