Lamley Interview: Hot Wheels Designer Michael Heralda

Lamley IG Live Thursday has become one of the highlights of doing Lamley. I have appreciated those willing to give up an hour to chat, and have been thrilled with the feedback. Last week’s guest was Michael Heralda of Matchbox and Hot Wheels Design. Michael officially retired in 2015, and moved from LA to New Mexico last year, but he still is designing decos for Matchbox today.

I wanted to chat with him about his time with both brands, what goes into creating all these graphics, some of his favorites, and a little on the special design he used on his first and “official” last decos. Michael wrote a little about it for Lamley a few years ago (and you can see an early Lamley video as well), and we talked more on IG Live.

Enjoy the interview. Up next? Abe Lugo from Matchbox to discuss 2021.

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  1. I always like thee types of interviews. It’s great hearing the stories behind design and production.

    I have the Escort. Can anyone tell me the year and segment for the Fiesta, as well as the year and model of the Mathbox truck? I need to add those two to my collection.

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