Lamley Studio: Matchbox Porsche 550 Spyder

Gonna be a lot of Matchbox in the coming days. That is always the case in mid-July. I am writing on a Friday from my home, the first mid-July Friday in 11 years that I am not in Albuquerque, New Mexico, at the Marriott for the Matchbox Gathering of Friends.

I’m not missing out. No one is there. The event was, for good reason, cancelled, and although I think everyone is in agreement with the decision, it is still hard to not be there.

But the show must go on, so virtual it becomes. Attendees get to watch the 2021 Matchbox Preview via Zoom today, and I will record it and post it on YouTube in a couple of days. The big Matchbox celebration is coming.

But part of that celebration is happening in Greece. The latest Moving Parts mix has shown up there, and this Porsche 550 is a must. I have an example that was sent to me by the Matchbox Team while ago, so why not show it here in all its detail.

The model captures the lines beautifully, and it looks sleek like it should. Add an opening tail, and a classic Matchbox is born. It is a great choice.

I should write more, but I am tired. And I have a Zoom presentation to prep for. These photos are really what you want to see anyway. Look for them in stores worldwide soon.

And enjoy all the Gathering content.

8 Replies to “Lamley Studio: Matchbox Porsche 550 Spyder”

  1. As a Porsche collector, this is a must for me although it would have been nice if they’d done it in silver with James Dean’s number 130, but because kids will buy them the name that Dean used to call it would not be allowed.

  2. Probably never see it. Only the 2 Walmart’s near me carry anything besides mainlines and they never have anything new. Target only has 3 pegs for mainlines and 2 for 5 packs.

  3. I enjoy collecting Matchbox and will add this to my collection but kumon why the cheap out interior!!!!!!! A cutout steering wheel is expected for a speedster not a solid plastic wafer plug!

  4. It makes me so sad that these are so hard to get a hold of. I never even got a chance at the last two batches. The cases are so tiny that they sell out in minutes, and only one or two come all year. Only one Walmart within driving distance of me still has a peg for it, and that peg is now full of Superfast/Bestof mistagged in the inventory, so there is simply no buying these in my region of the United States.

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