Lamley Daily: Zylmex Barris Wheaties Van

Model: Wheaties, casting P342

Release/Line: Zylmex Super Vans, 1977

Where to get it: eBay is the best bet and has several variations of it

Why it is in my collection: I found this casting while searching eBay for suitable race track background diorama vehicles. I put a “best offer” in on one, then found a second van with a solid “buy it now” price, so I bought it…only to have the offer on the first one go through. Hence why I have two! It’s a really unique casting and the back story behind the real van is interesting as well. According to Google image searches, it was a George Barris designed giveaway made specifically for Wheaties cereal.

A photo of the real Wheaties van from a late 1970’s magazine ad. I wonder what happened to the van….

The diecast has the 1:1 scale’s extended roof and large clear sides, which is not something I had seen on another van casting. The decals are nice but the quality control isn’t great as the roof decals are poorly overlapped. Over all it’s a pretty rad little van though 🏁

With some work this casting would also make a decent Transcon Medi-vac replica.

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