Lamley Daily : Kyosho Ferrari F1-91

Model: Ferrari F1-91 (late version)

Release: Kyosho 1/64 Formula 1 Car Collection 2

ebay link: Kyosho Ferrari F1-91

Why it is in the collection : I own a nice collection of Formula One in 1/64 scale, mainly from Kyosho, and this collection 2 was good. It is a very good replica for the target price, and quite unique for the scale.

Plus, the 90’s era Formula One Cars were PURE WORKS OF ART. Simple lines, but so percussive.

This one wasn’t bought randomly, as it is driven by Alain Prost, our beloved French 4 times Champion 🙂

I just can’t get enough of looking my wall displays full of Formula One. This one has a particular place as I really love the car and the driver.

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