Lamley Daily: Custom Painted XcarToys 1/64 Japan Carpark Diorama

Model: 1/64 Japan Car Park Diorama

Line: XCarToys

eBay link: Xcartoys parking set

Recently more and more collectors are having fun and sharing their diecast collection in social media along with a mini figure or 2 so am I. If you are following my IG page @hotkustoms you will see some changes in my posts in the coming days and of course diorama is one one of the important component to deliver your story.

3 dioramas will be coming to my page including one scratch built nature landscape with WIP photos below and first up is this Japan carpark diorama from XcarToys. This set was released around late last year in fact many collectors has already shared their fantastic collection along with this carpark.

The package has all you need except for an instruction sheet. With some research, assembly is easy without glue. What set this apart from the original set is I custom weathered every components for extra realism and enhancement to make my collection stands out with this diorama.

Even without custom painting it. This is a fantastic set to deliver 1001 stories to your post!

Stay tuned for the next feature meanwhile you can find Hot Kustoms in IG or you can check out my video.

8 Replies to “Lamley Daily: Custom Painted XcarToys 1/64 Japan Carpark Diorama”

  1. Dude that’s straight up BadA$$! I bet you’d be really good at model building too! Especially armor dioramas and things like that! I have built a bunch of models in the past and have to say that is some really great work. Weathering is difficult especially trying to get it distressed but look actually realistic at the same time. Really neat share! Excellent photography as well!

  2. I almost bought this but the angle of the ramp ruins it if you’re going for realism. Disappointing since everything else is so spot on. Xcar makes a few other dios that are pretty cool too.

    On another (trivial) rant, I personally don’t understand the desire to make things look old and dirty. Sure, a little grit makes it more believable, but why are so many aspiring to decay and dilapidation? We get enough of that in the real world. I want dioramas, scale models, movies about the future so show a more hopeful idealized world.

    1. Hi there yes agree on the ramp bit still I think its quite a cool diorama and the price point is far better than Tomicarama. I got this for quite a while and I found the time to weathere it to make it different from the original. It is more or less from what I saw in Japan and weathering will make the casting stands out even better in photography IMO. Cheers!

  3. Great skills… I’ve tried before, and it looked like an explosion in a Dulux paint factory. I like to see more diorama to models. Nice and very clever.

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