Introducing “Les Petites Mininches” Peugeot 208 (Norev base)

This is my duty to share what’s happening in the diecast world, specially when it comes from France. My friend holding the French media called “Mininches” (I’m also writing on the Mininches blog, specially on resin Spark models under willdiecast name) decided to create it’s own brand of minicars. It’s daring.

But you can imagine it’s time consuming, and above all, costly. So they needed to get a base, and the easiest way was to use what the market offered. Norev was a good supplier, the cars are pretty nice for €5, very accurate and recent. Plus, they have stocks. So on, the first 3 models from the freshly new brand “Les petites Mininches” (translate it as The little Mininches) were 3 Norev, one Peugeot 508 estate, one sedan and the little Peugeot 208 I’m focusing on today.

What is important to notice is that even if it is based on a Norev car, Les petites Mininches is a proper brand, with it’s proper distribution channel. They develop their own ideas and decoration, work with a local partner applying the tampo work, and have created their own boxes and design. A real process. I guess that it is the most interesting thing, and a very nice way to live the hobby.

I’ve chosen to focus on the Peugeot 208 because it is my favorite of the lot so far. First I adore the new Peugeot 208, with a retro look that reminds a lot the Peugeot 205, back in the late 80’s. It is really a successful design. Second, Norev did a super nice replica of the car, scaled and very premium like. I can only regret the simplification of the led headlights (that are more and more complicated for manufacturers to replicate), and the absence of soft tires. But overall, it is a very nice little diecast car. The deep dark red is really cool too.

Mininches has chosen a nice decoration for this model with a driving school (auto-école) livery. It’s missing the little emblem on the roof, but you can easily imagine that develop a little piece like this, and assemble it is a hard task. Plus, my driving school back in time did not have anything on the roof.

This minicar is limited to 120 pieces worlwide, and you buy some here on their eBay store. A Norev 3 inches – 1/64 is produced to at least between 3,000 to 5,000 units, so you can imagine how limited it is.

This little red 208 pairs very well with my 2 other versions from Peugeot dealer store.

As a bonus, I have put together the new 208 and the former Peugeot 205, the only I have in strict 1.64 by CM’s, for you to see the origins of the design. How cool is it ?

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