Lamley Daily: MINI GT Mercedes-Benz Actros With Maersk 40 Ft Container

Model: Mercedes-Benz Actros


eBay link: MINI GT Mercedes Actros

This “gigantic” Mercedes-Benz Actros from MINI GT is no doubt one of my best purchase for 2020. It gives me a very realistic look and feel with majority of the components in diecast and its functional.

The Mercedes Actros is also highly detailed and look “mighty” when compared with other 1/64 castings with a very accurate undercarriage including spare rubber wheels and an adjustable trailer stand.

Highlight is definitely the Maersk 40 feet diecast container which looks just like the real deal with realistic interior and opening doors which open up many possibilities in diecast photography. There is an add on Evergreen container as well which fits on to the trailer. Overall its a 100% solid casting at a very reasonable price point. Add the mighty Actros to your collection today!

Stay tuned for the next feature meanwhile you can find Hot Kustoms in IG or you can check out my unboxing video.

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  1. I had a less then stellar experience with the Actors. Mine arrived and looked great. It wasn’t until I set it up that I realized the far rear axle doesnt touch the ground. Nearly a half inch of distance separates rubber from road.
    I contacted TSM about it but never got a response. It’s a shame too cause the model looks great otherwise , and it’s not often we get big rigs at this scale.

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