A look at Hot Wheels Fast & Furious Full Force: Why there are repeat releases, and how you can get a set from me.

As long as Mattel sends me an extra set, I will give one away. That has been the case with the last two Fast & Furious Premium sets – the Walmart exclusive diorama set, and now this latest mix, Full Force.

The showcase is below, and details on how to win that extra set are in the video. You will need to comment ON THE VIDEO so follow this link after you watch the video embedded here. You also need to subscribe to my other YouTube Channel, Lamley Extras.

It is interesting to have a set where we don’t really know the significance of a couple of the cars, since the movie has been delayed. But at least we know they are cool, especially that Jag.

And yes there are repeats. I get the frustration, but I also get why Hot Wheels does it. Some of us have been collecting for a long time, and seeing repeats makes no sense. For others, fans of the films but maybe new to Hot Wheels Premium, it is a chance to get one. There might also be a lot more to the story, which I talk about in the video. Enjoy:

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  1. After hearing how you specifically went on to state the “possible” reason why there are repeats, I have a strong feeling that you definitely know something that you’re not at liberty to share. Which is totally fine.

    What is not fine is the fact that they chose to repeat rather undesirable models like the RX-7 and Charger. I would have been more than happy to see the black R32 being repeated, since that’s a model many people wanted but couldn’t get back then. Same for the Gallardo, Escort, Defender, Hummer, blue Subaru WRX and a few others.

    Coming to the Plymouth, it looks fine on its own but if you look at the real car, it looks nothing like it. It sits too high, the rear wheels are too big (the exact same problems that the other ’70 Road Runner suffered from that was in the basic FnF set 2-3 years ago) but most importantly, it’s missing the rear spoiler. That is the deal breaker for most, including me. They could’ve used the non-GTX Road Runner casting, which is the same but does have the spoiler and therefore looks better. I don’t know why they didn’t. The Charger is somewhat acceptable, as it’s from a different movie (4th one) than the gloss black Charger in the video (original one).

    Needless to say, my favourites are the Jaguar and the NSX. I won’t talk about their roles in the movie but I’m happy to see clean versions of both cars, and also happy that both are now in premium (eager to see where both end up next). But I’m again disappointed why Hot Wheels didn’t use the 6 spoke TE37s on both, or at least the NSX (they looked perfect on the NSX GT3 from last year) instead of the inappropriate GT wheels. I just don’t understand some of the choices they make. Anyway, if I had to pick one favourite, I’d still take the NSX.

  2. Hi Lamley, I won in the give away and I am not sure if you had my mailing info. This is by no means a where is my stuff thing, just making sure all the ducks are in a row. Thank you and have a great day.

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