Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Real Rider Classic Cobra

Model: Classic Cobra

Line: Hot Wheels Real Riders, 1986 release

eBay link: Hot Wheels Classic Cobra Real Riders

Why it’s in my collection: the Shelby Cobra is such an iconic car it’s hard to call any diecast collection complete without one — and the Hot Wheels Real Rider-equipped Classic Cobra is a fantastic example. The car looks flat-out amazing in red, and the 427 graphics over yellow stripes are iconic to this particular era of Hot Wheels. The car came in the same paint scheme rolling on blackwalls, but the RR version looks much more fitting in my eyes, especially with the white GOODYEAR emblazoned on them. The chrome side pipes, opening hood and detailed engine just sweeten the deal. This car is such a prime example of 80’s era Hot Wheels, I just had to break out the USA City playset and a Sto & Go to shoot a few photos with.

Whether it’s a blackwall, Real Rider, or even the California Customs Cobra, this is one snake you wouldn’t mind having slither its way into your collection 🏁

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