Dream Tomica Join Fast & Furious With Paul And Han Toyota Supra

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When collectors mention Fast & Furious the immediate brand recall are definitely Hot Wheels and Jada with a wide range and countless variations favoured by many including me. Then in July 2019, Dream Tomica who is always associated with movie franchise get on the F&F bandwagon known as “Wild Speed” in Japan with the iconic R34 and the release was a blast.

But unlike their competitors who continue rolling out countless F&F releases, Tomica pulled a brake there. And late last month, Dream Tomica release their Toyota Supra pair. The A80 driven by Paul Walker in Targa Top and A90 GR Supra driven by Han in a similar shade.

No,148 Fast & Furious (Wild Speed) Supra

This Supra is perhaps one of the best Dream Tomica casting in my collection. The overall presentation is very well executed and it looks premium with its beautiful body paint job with pearl finish in high gloss. The plastic insert headlights is a nice touch to the Supra and further enhances the realism. 

The livery is movie accurate and because its a targa top version, the painted interior is well modelled. No opening parts and comes with racing wheelset with standard factory suspension. The rear wing comes in plastic not integrated with the body which I feel can be more refined. Although we can’t expect much details on the Dream Tomica series, I like the proportion and this A80 surpasses my expectations.

SP Fast & Furious (Wild Speed) GR Supra

The A90 GR Supra driven by the resurrected Han Lue in F9 was supposed to be a nod to Paul A80 with a similar color hue. What’s interesting is also the black livery to echo the Veilside RX-7 that appear in Tokyo Drift this time with matt finish. Unlike the A80, it has less details when compared side by side and my overall impression for this Supra is just ok. No opening features although the Tomica collector in me wish it has.

But to my surprise when comes to diecast photography the A90 is a head turner with stunning body curve and also looks very complete together with the rest of my A90 Supra collection. Looking forward to see the actual A90 in F9 that is scheduled to be screened next year and also more Fast & Furious Tomica!

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Stay tuned for the next Tomica feature meanwhile you can find Hot Kustoms in IG or you can check out my unboxing video.

2 Replies to “Dream Tomica Join Fast & Furious With Paul And Han Toyota Supra”

  1. The GR Supra isn’t actually a nod to Paul’s Supra but only the RX-7 from Tokyo Drift (perhaps just a coincidence that both Supras are the same colour). I still think they should’ve given Han some other interesting car in F9. Like many others, I’m not a fan of the new Supra. My opinion could change in the future but I still think they ruined the design and could’ve done a much better job (considering it’s the only job they had).

    As for the models, both are pretty nice but are let down by the dismal wheels. Despite that, I think I prefer the A80 to the Hot Wheels one, even with those shopping cart wheels.

    1. Thanks for your input. Yes the wheels are always an issue but its also the pride of Tomica something they are quite reluctant to change. We are sort of used to it and also Tomica Premium has proven they too can do realistic plastic wheels. Cheers !

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