Lamley Daily: Tomica 50th Anniversary History Collection Vol.1 Toyota 2000GT

Model: Toyota 2000GT

Line: Tomica

eBay link: Tomica Toyota 2000GT

The 1965 Toyota 2000GT was introduced as Japan’s first true supercar and regarded as the National Treasure in the land of the rising sun. The 2000GT is also a significant Japan Nostalgic casting to Tomica as well. The sleek coupé grand tourer is one of the first 7 castings in the Tomica line-up back in 1970 and is an evergreen casting within the Tomica range over the years.

It appears in numerous Tomica range today especially the Apita flag series with various world flag livery on the body, Premium, Premium RS, Aeon exclusive and very well received by collectors. For 2020 Tomica release the History Collection in cooperation with Tohan Publishing a leading publisher in Japan where it will release a casting every 2 months to feature a Tomica every 10 years since 1970 in book form.

Unlike the regular Tomica boxes the packaging itself is unique that comes in tall box. The front cover has the title Tomica 50th Anniversary History Collection Volume 1 from 1970-1979. It has an opening flap to showcase the actual casting with a short bio in Japanese.

Casting wise is quite expected to a seasoned Tomica collector but also some improvement and minor variations when compared with my Made in Japan and Made in China castings. I will feature this in a separate post in future and should be interesting. The body color is gorgeous in a similar color palette as the Tomica Red logo with clean details especially the rear.

It also comes with opening doors and standard factory suspension with button wheels. Yes I know the button and racing wheels is a major concern for most including new collectors. These are Tomica evergreen wheels for 50 years and also their pride which take time for us to accept and appreciate just like how I get to collect castings that do not roll. Hence the Tomica Premium series is a very good call with realistic plastic wheels that sits very well with majority.

It’s interesting to note this particular series can only be found in bookstores in Japan and not the usual hobby shops nor Tomica shop hence a potential collectible. The Tomica Toyota 2000GT is definitely an essential in your diecast collection.

Watch the video here.

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