Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels 100% 1989 Batmobile

Model: 1989 Batmobile

Line: 100% Hot Wheels/Oil Can line, s03 on chassis, 2003 release

ebay link: Hot Wheels 100% Batmobile

Why it’s in my collection: The 1989 Batmobile is one of the most iconic Batmobiles out there, and this casting is by far the best 1/64th scale version of it. This particular car was released in both the 100% line and the limited Oil Can series. Both series produced some truly great castings and this stunner is one of them.

The mainline and current premium 1989 Batmobile are both good, but the 100%/Oil Can line Batmobile is on another planet. The car is scaled perfectly and wears a smooth satin black paint job, perfect for lurking around Gotham City.

On the left we have the 1989 Batmobile mainline, on the right the spectacular 100% 1989 Batmobile.
Both castings have the s03 and DC Comics mark on the chassis.

The car is low and wide, but not outrageously so. The body is detailed with various nooks and crannies mirroring the car’s features from the movie, and the sides and rear have gold accent detailing. The rear turbine housing even has some details inside the opening, but unfortunately it was too difficult to photograph. The car does have simple taillight and headlight detailing as well.

This particular car is from the Oil Can line and has gold detailing and chrome wheels. There are a few versions of this car, including one that comes with a bullet-proof cocoon seen in Batman, and versions with sliver detailing rather than gold. The silver is probably the most screen accurate, but they are all excellent. I mean look at those fins!

It’s hard to tell due to the chrome, but the wheels do have the Bat logo on the wheel caps.
When viewed from this angle the rear fin area resembles a perched bat.

Holy moving parts, Batman! Now feast your eyes on what is possibly the greatest feature on the car: the canopy. The canopy is removable and reveals a single color yet fairly screen-accurate interior. Bat-tastic!

Check out those seats! They resemble ’80s era luxury sports car seats and have solid bolsters on all sides. You know, for support during those turbine assisted Bat-turns.
While there are no tampos on the interior, it is detailed and mirrors the movie car’s cockpit-like display center.
A topless bat.

While the roof lifts-off rather than sliding forward like the movie version, I “slid” it forward to see what it would look like for a proper Bat exit.

As you can see this is an excellent execution of a casting many have attempted. Check out the video review I did on the car as I take a closer look at some of the details, and compare it against the mainline version and vintage Ertl versions 🏁

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  1. Nice, I’ve always said that 100% is one of the best lines HW has ever done, didn’t realize they did the Batmobile in it. There is also a “1/50” version that HW did that you should check out, but given the movie car is 6.1M long, it’s not quite big enough and sits between 1/64 and 1/50th but perhaps closer to 1/50 (while this 1.64th version looks closer to 1/76 but pics can be deceptive). The canopy slides forward properly to rather than being removeable.

    1. The 1/50 version of the 1989 batmobile is actually 1/56 in scale.Also the tumbler of that collection is 1/53 in scale. The right one to use with 1/64 scale is the Batman v Superman Batmobile of the 1/50 collection, because is in the 1/65 scale.

  2. I have that BADBOY.The 1:18. To me Michael Keaton is the #1 BATMAN. It was so 😎 when he said “” I AM BATMAN “””.I also have an oil can,2004 1:64 copy and a few topps cards of the car & Michael Keaton packed away.all not played with. P.S. John your backyard openings are also 😎Keep em up.
    🦇 🦇 🦇 🦇 🦇

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